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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Programs and projects

This section provides details and links for programs and projects that aim to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including programs addressing mental health issues.

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The programs, projects and lessons learned have been rated to the left. The items are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach, focus, start date and end date.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
'Getting it right': the validation study National
100 women: 100 facets of wisdom WA
A comparison of court liaison and court diversion services in Australia for people with mental disorders National
A wellbeing framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living with chronic disease National
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention evaluation project National
Aboriginal Australian relations program National
Aboriginal children experiencing family violence counselling WA
Aboriginal culture and identity program SA
Aboriginal early years: Little people's meeting place WA
Aboriginal fathers stayin' on track NSW
Aboriginal mental health carers/family support and outreach service WA
Aboriginal mental health worker program 'working both ways' NT
Aboriginal perspective on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - research project WA
Aboriginal suicide and self-harm help-seeking quandary NSW
Aboriginal weaving and terrazzo project NSW
Aboriginal women's healing house NSW
Aboriginal youth mental health partnership SA
Adult healing places VIC
Alcohol and other drugs/social and emotional wellbeing program VIC
Alive and kicking goals! Suicide prevention project WA
All children being safe program NSW
Amp akweke place NT
An app to help people with suicidal thoughts National
Angkwerre-iweme (traditional healing) project NT
Art therapy VIC
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey National
Australian Indigenous psychology education project (AIPEP) National
Australian integrated mental health initiative - NT (AIMHi-NT) NT
Back to culture NT
Balunu Foundation cultural healing program NT
Be kind to your mind: Babum Yumal project QLD
Best practice in early intervention, assessment and treatment of depression and substance misuse (BEAT project) NT
Better medication management for Aboriginal people with mental health disorders and their carers SA
Bila Muuji social emotional wellbeing initiative NSW
Black chicks talking QLD
Black on Track Indigenous healing program NSW
Blue healers - healing through art NSW
Body language project QLD
Boomerang caring program NSW
Boomerangs parenting program NSW
Bootcamp 4 life program NSW, QLD
Bringing them home National
Broome mental health unit WA
Building a perinatal service model for a Western Australian Aboriginal community WA
Building bridges: learning from the experts QLD
Building up your wellbeing muscles QLD
Bundap marram durn-durn VIC
Call-a-cuz QLD
Cancer connect program NT
Care planning training trial NT
Child care link QLD
Child sexual abuse therapeutic service WA
Common mental disorders in Koori men: facilitating case finding and continuity of care VIC
Community capability and the social determinants of health VIC
CommunityMatters National
Comorbidity action in the north (CAN) project SA
Comparing the psychosocial health status of sex and non-sex offenders in NSW prisons NSW
Connections: Aboriginal women's art therapy group NSW
Consulting with the community to develop an innovative and culturally responsive empowerment, healing and leadership program WA
Coordinated Aboriginal mental healthcare: a model for best practice for rural and metropolitan service SA
Counselling and wellbeing program QLD
Creative recovery QLD
Culture is life campaign National
Darayiga guya mapu (come here: talk feeling) NSW
Deadly alive healing camps QLD
Deadly thinking workshops Not specified
Deadly vibe magazine National
Deliberate self-harm hospitalisations in the NT NT
Depression screening tool - PHQ-9 NT
Developing, sustaining and evaluating health programs for Aboriginal men WA
Development of the stay strong iPad app NT
Djillay Lidj best start program VIC
Djirruwang program NSW
Drug and alcohol and mental health information management project NSW
E-mental health in practice National
E-mental health support for Indigenous clients NT
Early intervention in psychosis: exploring the occurrence of psychosis among offenders and extending best clinical practice to an offender population (Improving mental health screening of prisoners) NSW
Edinburgh postnatal depression scale (EPDS) adaptation QLD
Evaluating the Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service holistic health care for prison model ACT
Exploring associations between health, morbidity and psychological wellbeing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants of the 45 and up study NSW
Exploring the needs of Aboriginal women with co-morbid drug and alcohol and mental health problems NSW
Fair game WA
Family assessment tool, Milliya Rumurra, Broome WA
Family coping-mental wellbeing NT
Family matters - kids safe in culture, not in care (Family matters) National
Family violence aboriginal advocacy and counselling program WA
Family wellbeing program QLD
Feeling deadly not shame National
Gamarada men's program NSW
Good sports program National
Gulgihwen residential program NSW
Gunai lidj program VIC
Halo day program WA
Happy kids WA
headspace National
Heal for life: adult program NSW
Heal for life: youth program NSW
Healing program VIC
Healing space WA
Healing through the map WA
Healing ways: art with intent VIC
Health of the nation outcome scale (HONOS) study NSW
Health professional partnerships: occupational therapists and Aboriginal Health Workers QLD
Healthy family circle program NSW
Healthy minds program TAS
Healthy start, healthy life National
Holyoake counselling and support services program WA
Hope 4 health NT
Hope for life photography project WA
Hope, opportunity, purpose, education and employment (HOPE) VIC
Horsemanship program WA
I'm an Aboriginal dad VIC
I-RISE: Indigenous racial identity and self-esteem project WA
Impact Cape York QLD
Implications of early life and contemporary influences on body composition, mental health, and precursors of chronic diseases in the Aboriginal birth cohort study National
Improve mental health service provision in remote northern Queensland QLD
Improved services initiative National
Improving the capacity of workers in Indigenous communities National
Improving the wellbeing of Melbourne-based Aboriginal people with chronic disease and experiencing depression, anxiety or a related mental health disorder: a Wurundjeri community-driven initiative VIC
Incidence of suicidal behaviours in Indigenous communities in Queensland QLD
Indigenous alcohol and other drug workers' wellbeing, stress and burnout project National
Indigenous community sport and recreation program (ICSRP) QLD
Indigenous dual diagnosis project VIC
Indigenous hip hop projects National
Indigenous leadership program National
Indigenous men managing anger and substance use (IMMASU) WA
Indigenous Psychological Services (IPS): community intervention programs WA
Indigenous risk impact screen (IRIS) and brief intervention QLD
Indigenous spiritual wellbeing toolbox QLD
Indigenous storybook WA
Indigenous suicide prevention training package NSW
Indigenous triple P effectiveness in community settings QLD
Indigenous youth skills life development NT
Intergenerational trauma program WA
Investigating health and survival outcomes and opportunities for prevention after medically serious suicide attempts in the Northern Territory: a follow-up study of Indigenous suicide attempts and care in the Northern Territory NT
Jamanee Gunya cultural experience course NSW
Jaru pirrjirdi (strong voices) program NT
Kalyakool moort - Always family WA
Kambu choir QLD
Keeping our spirit strong healing circles NSW
Kempsey community ‘linking the arts and health service' pilot project NSW
KidsMatter National
Kimberley healthy adults project (KHAP) WA
Koori girls youth program VIC
Koori kids program VIC
Koori kids wellbeing project NSW
Koori mental health project VIC
Koori prisoner mental health and cognitive functioning study VIC
Kootamiara quab women's healing program WA
Kulintja Palyaringkuntjaku project NT, SA, WA
Let's start: parent-child program NT
Life Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide bereavement support group QLD
Life matters for Koori youth in the Western Riverina NSW
Life promotions program NT
Link-up National
Long-term outcomes of forgotten Australians (LOFA) study NSW
Looking forward Aboriginal mental health project WA
Maambart maam: my father WA
MAKINGtheLINK Indigenous program National
Marumali healing program National
Marumali youth program QLD
Men of worth healing programs VIC
Men's healing circles VIC
Men's health program QLD
Men, hearts and minds NT
Mental health alcohol tobacco and other drugs service (MHATODS) QLD
Mental health and culture project QLD, SA, VIC, WA
Mental health first aid guidelines project National
Mental health first aid training and research program National
Mental health in remote Indigenous communities SA
Mental health training for workers in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities National
Metropolitan capacity building project WA
Mibbinbah: Indigenous men's spaces pilot project National
Midwest community drug service WA
Mind the gap VIC
Mindframe national media initiative National
Miruma NSW
Move QLD
Mt Theo program NT
Multi-systemic therapy (MST) program WA
Mununjali healing garden QLD
Mununjali jymbi centre QLD
Murri watch QLD
My way: youth program for remote Cape York communities QLD
National Aboriginal and Islander children's day (4 August annually) National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention strategy National
National coalition for suicide prevention National
National contributing life project National
National empowerment project National, WA
Ngala nanga mai pARenT group program NSW
Ngangkari healers program NT, SA, WA
Ngaripirliga'ajirri early intervention program NT
Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services: spiritual health program WA
No pulgi mobile health team program SA
Northern and far western suicide prevention project SA
NPA suicide prevention strategy QLD
NSW Aboriginal mental health workforce program NSW
Opening doors SA
Our community, our cancer (Derbarl Yerrigan cancer support group) WA
Our healing ways VIC
Our men our healing NT
Panyappi program SA
Partners in recovery initiative National
Personal helpers and mentors (PHaMs) program National
Piliyintinji-ki stronger families NT
Positive futures: social inclusion program for young people QLD
Proppa Deadly National
RAISE wellbeing SA
Reconnect.. restore.. reconstruct NSW
Red dust healing program National
Rekindling the spirit NSW
Relapse prevention trial NT
Resourceful adolescent program QLD
RespectED NT, SA
Reunion to self SA
Rising spirits - a community resilience project of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia SA
Riverland young Indigenous men suicide prevention project SA
Rumbalara Healing Centre VIC
Save-a-mate (SAM) and SAM our way National
Seasons for healing Not specified
Sisters day out VIC
SMART recovery National
Social and emotional wellbeing program National
Social and emotional wellbeing regional centres National
Social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and alcohol and other drugs services WA
Social support malpas NT
Social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing framework project QLD
Solid kids, solid schools WA
Something better QLD
Spiritual wellbeing program VIC
StandBy response service National
Story telling project NT
Street corner champion beatball (beatball) WA
Strength 2 strength NT
Strengthening social and emotional wellbeing of Australian Aboriginal people: how does racial identity and related self-esteem mediate the mental wellbeing of Aboriginal people? WA
Strong choices NT
Strong healthy and positive environment (S.H.A.P.E) QLD
Strong men, strong families project SA
StrongBala men's health program NT
StrongFamilies WA
Study of environment on Aboriginal resilience and child health (SEARCH) NSW
Suicide prevention in country SA (SPICSA) initiative SA
Suicide story training project NT
Survivors: See. Listen. Understand NSW
Sustainable personal development for Aboriginal men SA
The 'Domo boys' documentary QLD
The Aboriginal birth cohort study National
The belonging project NSW, QLD
The Family business: improving the understanding and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder among incarcerated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women National, QLD
The Healing Centre QLD
The Help-seeking project National
The joy of movement QLD
The Kimberley Indigenous cognitive assessment tool (KICA) WA
The Reconnect program National
The Rural health outreach fund WA
The Stolen Generations healing project WA
The Traditional tool - life tools (Tiljarra) project NT
The wake up time weavers NSW
The Wurega/Wimmera Hub healing program VIC
Therapeutic residential wilderness NT
Tiwi mental health service NT
Towilla purruttiappendi (healing our spirit) SA
Utira Kulintjaku (to understand clearly) project NT, SA
Validating the Kimberley mum's mood scale WA
Validation of a culturally specific measure to identify depression in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, WA
Vibe3on3 National
Voices united for harmony QLD
Wadamba wilam (renew shelter) VIC
Wakefield region suicide prevention project SA
Waminda women's health NSW
Warra-Warra Kanyi counselling and mentoring NT
We know our strengths NT
Wellbeing program NT
Wesley LifeForce National
What's up with my mob National
Women's checkout program VIC
Women's healing group SA
Women's health program QLD
Women's kitchen table yarning circles VIC
Wuchopperen counselling and support services QLD
Wuchopperen youth program QLD
Wurli-Wurlinjang wellbeing unit NT
Yanyun lotjpan yapenyebak VIC
Yarn safe National
Yarnin' the blues: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander depression awareness project SA
Yarrabah family life promotion program QLD
Yiriman youth project WA
Yorgum Aboriginal family counselling service WA
Young Aboriginal drug and alcohol service (yAdas) TAS
Young healers National
Youth in communities program NT
Youth Insearch weekend programs NSW, QLD, VIC
Youth suicide prevention program VIC
Youth wellbeing cultural rebound project QLD
Youth wellbeing project NT
Last updated: 25 November 2015
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