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Conferences, workshops and events

This section lists upcoming and past (last 6 months) conferences, workshops and events pertinent to Indigenous Australian health in Australia.

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet does not organise conferences itself or endorse any of the events listed. It provides a comprehensive listing of events that may be relevant to those working in or studying Indigenous health.

The conferences, workshops and events are listed by date, but you can select to list them by title, location, or content. The content of the conferences, workshops and events have been rated as follows:

  • Indigenous Indigenous specific
  • Some Indigenous content some Indigenous content
  • Possibility of Indigenous content Possibility of Indigenous content

HealthInfoNet cafe HealthInfoNet staff will run a HealthInfoNet café at conferences and events with this logo


When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the conference or event, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Upcoming conferences, workshops and events

Date Title Location Content
06-07-2016 SMART Recovery Facilitator Training Course Sydney, New South Wales
26-07-2016 Palliative Approach Workshop Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
04-08-2016 SMART Recovery Facilitator Training Course Melbourne, Victoria
21-11-2016 Introduction to Central Australians Aboriginal Cultures and Context Alice Springs, Northern Territory
03-12-2016 The 4th International One Health Congress & 6th Biennial Congress of the International Association for Ecology and Health Melbourne, Victoria
05-12-2016 South Australian Aboriginal Health Research Showcase Adelaide, South Australia
05-12-2016 Aboriginal Health Promotion Short Course Perth, Western Australia
06-12-2016 NACCHO Members Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
06-12-2016 Alcohol and other drug use treatment in prison Sydney, NSW
07-12-2016 Foot Health Assessment Program Darwin, Northern Territory
08-12-2016 Nutrition Support Program Darwin, Northern Territory
09-12-2016 Towards a United Voice for the Aboriginal Housing Sector Ministerial Launch Sydney, NSW
10-12-2016 Foot Health Assessment Program Alice Springs, Northern Territory
01-01-2017 Run Richard Run Marathon Odyssey Hobart, Tasmania
08-01-2017 2017 South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI) biennial international conference Brisbane, Queensland
26-01-2017 Yabun Camperdown, Sydney
07-02-2017 Knowledge Brokering Workshop (Indigenous Land Managers) Batchelor, Northern Territory
13-02-2017 Healthy Weight Week 2017 Australia-wide
13-02-2017 National Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum Perth, Western Australia
16-02-2017 GrassRoots Falls Festival Perth, Western Australia
16-02-2017 VAADA 2017 Conference Melbourne, Victoria
23-02-2017 The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) 19th Summer Forum 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
10-03-2017 Tri-nation Alliance International Medical Symposium 2017 Melbourne, Victoria
16-03-2017 Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training Weston Creek, Australian Capital Territory
18-03-2017 Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM) Annual Scientific Meeting and Trainees' Day 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
21-03-2017 AIATSIS National Indigenous Research Conference 2017 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
31-03-2017 2nd Victorian Allied Health Research Conference 2017 Melbourne, Victoria
01-04-2017 Future of General Practice Conference 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
03-04-2017 15th World congress on public health (WCPH) Melbourne, Victoria
04-04-2017 The Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Connection VII conference Melbourne, Victoria
04-04-2017 Annual Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA) Members' Planing Day Perth, Western Australia
05-04-2017 2017 Annual Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector Conference Perth, Western Australia
26-04-2017 14th World Rurral Health Conference Cairns, Queensland
01-05-2017 17th Australasian vertebrate pest conference Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
02-05-2017 13th Behavioural Research in Cancer Control Conference Melbourne, Victoria
02-05-2017 8th Australasian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference 2017 Wellington, New Zealand
03-05-2017 WA Aboriginal Sexual Health Forum Perth, Western Australia
04-05-2017 Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) National Conference 2017 Hobart, Tasmania
11-05-2017 Celebrating 10 Years of AMSANT's Indigenous Leadership Program Alice Springs, Northern Territory
15-05-2017 2017 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference Gold Coast, Queensland
26-05-2017 2017 ADEA-Qld Branch Conference Brisbane, Queensland
29-05-2017 Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research walk Perth, Western Australia
02-06-2017 2017 ADEA-NSW/ACT Branch Conference Wollongong, New South Wales
04-06-2017 19th International symposium on recent advances in otitis media Gold Coast, Queensland
06-06-2017 Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) Parent Engagement Conference Melbourne, Victoria
17-06-2017 2017 ADEA-Vic Branch Conference Melbourne, Victoria
26-06-2017 No More Harm National Conference Brisbane, Queensland
13-07-2017 WA Mental Health Conference 2017 Perth, Western Australia
07-08-2017 Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association (ACRA) 27th Annual Scientific Meeting Perth, Western Australia
07-08-2017 4th National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference 2017 Gold Coast, Queensland
26-08-2017 12th National Allied Health Conference Sydney, New South Wales
29-08-2017 The Mental Health Service (TheMHS) Annual Conference 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
30-08-2017 ADS & ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 Perth, Western Australia
05-09-2017 11th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health Conference Cairns, Queensland
06-09-2017 Australian Palliative Care Conference 2017 Adelaide, South Australia
12-09-2017 7th Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) National Conference Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
04-10-2017 Global alcohol policy conference (GAPC) 2017 Melbourne, Victoria
17-10-2017 Alzheimer's Australia national conference 2017 Melbourne, Victoria
26-10-2017 The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Conference 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
29-11-2017 National housing conference 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
04-12-2017 International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Congress Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the conference or event, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Past conferences, workshops and events

Date Title Location Content
05-12-2016 Aboriginal lung health: lung function and breathing better - Are we doing enough? Perth, Western Australia
03-12-2016 Celebrating International Day of People with Disability Yokine, Western Australia
02-12-2016 Quitskills Refresher Course (Western Australia) Perth, Western Australia
02-12-2016 Australian Winter School Workshops Brisbane, Queensland
02-12-2016 2016 National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN) Seminar Kelvin Grove, Queensland
01-12-2016 Metabolic Diseases: Breakthrough Discoveries in Diabetes & Obesity St Kilda, Victoria
01-12-2016 Indigenous Business, Enterprise and Corporations Conference 2016 Perth, Western Australia
01-12-2016 Understanding the needs of children and families impacted by FASD Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
30-11-2016 Cervical Cancer Screening Update Darwin, Northern Territory
29-11-2016 Nutrition Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting Melbourne, Victoria
29-11-2016 Indigenous Allied Health Australia National Forum and Awards Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
29-11-2016 Shifting Expectations: Training on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Preston, Victoria
29-11-2016 Leading Indigenous Health Outcomes Through Community Engagement Brisbane, Queensland
29-11-2016 Launch of the joint Food Security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
28-11-2016 Measuring Success in the Family and Relationship Sector for the Wellbeing of Children, Families and Communities Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
28-11-2016 Central Coast Connexions Conference 2016 Terrigal, New South Wales
26-11-2016 Family Planning NSW Clinical Forum for Doctors and Nurses Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
25-11-2016 Matters of the mind workshop Perth, Western Australia
25-11-2016 White Ribbon Day 2016 Australia wide
25-11-2016 Beyond the Culture Wars: LGBTIQ History Now - The 16th AHH Conference Melbourne, Victoria
25-11-2016 Exploring Indigenous Research Methodologies Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
25-11-2016 Vision Australia’s ‘Share Your Vision’ community conversation Perth, Western Australia
24-11-2016 Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence National Conference Bunbury, Western Australia
24-11-2016 Smoking Cessation Course Melbourne, Victoria
24-11-2016 Aboriginal Leaders Forum Port Adelaide, South Australia
23-11-2016 Hurting, helping and healing workshop Perth, Western Australia
23-11-2016 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) 5th Annual Symposium Melbourne, Victoria
23-11-2016 Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) National Primary Health Care Conference 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
22-11-2016 Indigenous Traditional Medicine and Biomedical Care: Contradictory or Complementary? Melbourne, Victoria
22-11-2016 Mental Health Assessment of Aboriginal Clients Workshop Sydney, New South Wales
22-11-2016 Methamphetamine Forum - Issues in Our Community Perth, Western Australia
20-11-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA) 2016 Gathering Melbourne, Victoria
19-11-2016 NAIRM Marr Djambana – Frankston Aboriginal Association official opening Frankston, Victoria
18-11-2016 Australian Menopause Society 20th annual congress Perth, Western Australia
17-11-2016 Inspiring Change Through Passion and Creativity Subiaco, Western Australia
17-11-2016 Breast Cancer Support for Aboriginal Women Workshop Westmead, Sydney
17-11-2016 HealthPathways ENT Working Group Perth, Western Australia
17-11-2016 Managing Respiratory Presentations in Children Darwin, Northern Territory
17-11-2016 Becoming a Health Care Home Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
16-11-2016 2016 Australasian HIV and AIDS conference Adelaide, South Australia
16-11-2016 Culture-Centred Workshop: Indigenous Australians' Perspectives Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
15-11-2016 The CQI collaborative workshop Alice Springs, Northern Territory
15-11-2016 Monash University Health Promotion Short Course Melbourne, Victoria
14-11-2016 World Diabetes Day 2016 Australia-wide
14-11-2016 2016 Australasian sexual health conference Adelaide, South Australia
14-11-2016 Eye Health Web Resource Workshops Darwin, Northern Territory, Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Western Australia
14-11-2016 Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS) Workshop Brisbane, Queensland
11-11-2016 Australia and New Zealand Vulvovaginal Society (ANZVS) biennial scientific conference Melbourne, Victoria
11-11-2016 World Diabetes Day - Diabetes Research Western Australia Perth, Western Australia
11-11-2016 Compulsory Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Forum Perth, Western Australia
10-11-2016 Mental Health Essentials Perth, Western Australia
10-11-2016 Indigenous Leaders Conference 2016 Darwin, Northern Territory
10-11-2016 Mandurah Community Forum (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Mandurah, Western Australia
09-11-2016 Utilising Interactive Theatre Based Techniques to Engage, Educate, and Inspire Roebourne, Western Australia
08-11-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe The Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
08-11-2016 FASD Workshop New South Wales
07-11-2016 The 5th Queensland Pest Animal Symposium (QPAS) Townsville Queensland
07-11-2016 The Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM) International Indigenous Health Workforce Meeting Melbourne, Victoria
07-11-2016 Fifth National Mental Health Plan National Consultations Australia wide
06-11-2016 Breathe Easy, Walk Easy Alice Springs, Northern Territory
04-11-2016 Midwifery Up Skilling Broome, Western Australia
03-11-2016 National Indigenous Football Championships 2016 Nowra, New South Wales
03-11-2016 8th Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium Kingscliff, New South Wales
03-11-2016 Tuberculosis Testing and Awareness Katherine, Northern Territory
03-11-2016 ACCU: The Cannabis Check-Up Training Perth, WA
02-11-2016 Indigenous Men's Behaviour Change and Healing Program Nowa Nowa, Victoria
02-11-2016 Food Governance Conference Sydney, New South Wales
01-11-2016 Food governance: the role of law, regulation and policy in meeting 21st Century challenges to the food supply Sydney, New South Wales
31-10-2016 41st Environmental Health Australia (EHA) National Conference Hobart, Tasmania
31-10-2016 Developmental Pathways Project Researcher Forum Perth, Western Australia
31-10-2016 Northern Queensland Indigenous Health Day Cairns, Queensland
31-10-2016 Inhaler Medications and Device Technique Western Australia
30-10-2016 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) conference 2016 Sydney, New South Wales
28-10-2016 Northern Territory and Queensland Division Inaugural Occupational Therapy Conference 2016 Brisbane, Queensland
28-10-2016 Asthma and Spirometry Update for Aboriginal Health Workers and Health Practitioners Katherine, Northern Territory
27-10-2016 Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) national conference 2016 Port Lincoln, South Australia
27-10-2016 Crossroads at the Centre: The Nexus Between CVD and Diabetes Symposium Alice Springs, Northern Territory
27-10-2016 Naloxone Training Perth, WA
26-10-2016 Australian College of Nursing (ACN) national nursing forum 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
26-10-2016 21st Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International Conference 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
26-10-2016 Gippsland Aboriginal Sports Conference Morwell, Victoria
26-10-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Training Parramatta, New South Wales
26-10-2016 Safe Disposal Workshop Perth, WA
26-10-2016 Taking Action: Inspiring a Healthier Sporting Nation Bunbury, Western Australia
25-10-2016 42nd International mental health nursing conference Adelaide, South Australia
25-10-2016 Picnic in the Park for Aboriginal Women Perth, Western Australia
25-10-2016 Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of New South Wales AGM and Members Conference 2016 Sydney, New South Wales
25-10-2016 Preparing patients for Interferon-free Treatment for Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Melbourne, Vic
20-10-2016 Suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities Adelaide, South Australia
20-10-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Rural medicine Australia national conference 2016 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
20-10-2016 NT RHD Education Workshop Darwin, Northern Territory
20-10-2016 The Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians: 2016 workshop series Adelaide, South Australia
20-10-2016 The Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA) 12th Annual National Chronic Disease Management Conference Melbourne, Victoria
20-10-2016 Living with Cancer Forum Darwin, Northern Territory
20-10-2016 Rheumatic Heart Disease Q&A Panel: Forgotten But Not Gone Darwin, Northern Territory
19-10-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (SA) Adelaide, South Australia
19-10-2016 AHURI One-Day Conference: The future of housing assistance Adelaide, South Australia
19-10-2016 An Introduction to AOD Prevention Within Communities Perth, Western Australia
19-10-2016 Child Safe Organisations WA Seminars Western Australia
19-10-2016 Other Ways of Knowing: Understanding Aboriginal Trauma Fitzroy, Victoria
18-10-2016 Standard Mental Health First Aid Geraldton, Western Australia
18-10-2016 Quitskills Brief Intervention Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (Victoria) Victoria
18-10-2016 Central & Lower West Regional Forum - New South Wales Wellington, New South Wales
17-10-2016 Mental Health Assessment of Aboriginal Clients Workshop Australia-wide
17-10-2016 Framing Indigenous health workshops 2016 Darwin, Northern Territory
17-10-2016 World Federation for Mental Health international conference 2016 Cairns, Queensland
16-10-2016 The 6th Global forum on health promotion Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
16-10-2016 National Nutrition Week Nationwide
15-10-2016 NAIDOC Senior Football and Netball Carnival Bendigo, Victoria
15-10-2016 Dingo Cup Timber Creek, Northern Territory
14-10-2016 Australian Anaesthesia Allied Health Practitioners (AAAHP) inaugural national conference Perth, Western Australia
14-10-2016 Connecting Asthma Care Symposium Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
14-10-2016 Get Bloody Serious: A workshop all about hep C, from prevention to cure Surry Hills, New South Wales
14-10-2016 Royal Commission Community Meetings Multiple Locations, Northern Territory
13-10-2016 Indigenous Diabetic Foot Workshop Darwin, Northern Territory
13-10-2016 2016 Ngar-wu Wanyarra Aboriginal Conference Shepparton, Victoria
13-10-2016 Ngar-wu Wanyarra Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016 Shepparton, Victoria
13-10-2016 Overweight and Obesity: The Challenges and Solutions Melbourne, Victoria
13-10-2016 Asthma and Spirometry Update for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Health Practitioners Nambour, Queensland
13-10-2016 Methamphetamine and the mind seminar Perth, WA
12-10-2016 34th CRANAplus conference Hobart, Tasmania
12-10-2016 Palliative care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Professionals Karratha, Western Australia
11-10-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe 4th National Indigenous drug and alcohol conference Glenelg, South Australia
11-10-2016 Nyoongar people's experience of mental health Perth, Western Australia
10-10-2016 World mental health day (WMHD) Australia-wide
10-10-2016 Diabetes Care in the Community Darwin, Northern Territory
10-10-2016 WA Ear Health Strategy Forum Perth, Western Australia
08-10-2016 Alice Springs Masters Games 2016 Alice Springs, Northern Territory
08-10-2016 Spirometry Training Course Northern Territory
08-10-2016 Around the Campfire Cup Norwood, South Australia
07-10-2016 Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day Australia-wide
06-10-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe My Story, My Knowledge, My Future - NATSIHWA 2016 national conference Brisbane, Queensland
06-10-2016 Facilitators Training: Aboriginal Healing Workshop Dubbo, New South Wales
06-10-2016 Mental Health Super Summit 2016 Australia wide
06-10-2016 Primary Care Asthma Update Northern Territory
06-10-2016 Elliott Johnson Memorial Lecture 2016 - A New Stolen Generation Adelaide, South Australia
06-10-2016 Warlang Festival: Exploring Professions in Health - Your Choice, Your Way Perth, Western Australia
06-10-2016 Royal Life Saving Society Remote Aboriginal Pools Research Launch Perth, Western Australia
05-10-2016 Motivational Interviewing Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (Victoria) Melbourne, Victoria
05-10-2016 The birds and the BBVs Perth, Western Australia
04-10-2016 Quitskills Brief Intervention Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (New South Wales) New South Wales
04-10-2016 Aboriginal Insights on Aboriginal Community Engagement Perth, Western Australia
30-09-2016 Assessment, diagnosis and treatment aspects of key disorders in later life: anxiety, substance abuse, sleep disorders and dementia Alice Springs, Northern Territory
29-09-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) conference for general practice 2016 Perth, Western Australia
29-09-2016 10th Australasian viral hepatitis 2016 conference Gold Coast, Queensland
29-09-2016 World Heart Day Worldwide
29-09-2016 Australian Burden of Disease Study seminar: Contributions of risk factors to disease burden Perth, Western Australia
28-09-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (WA) Perth, Western Australia
28-09-2016 Bushfire 2016: Connecting Science, People and Practice Brisbane, Queensland
28-09-2016 SANDAS Symposium 2016 Conversations on Complexity Adelaide, South Australia
27-09-2016 Renal Workshop Darwin, Northern Territory
26-09-2016 2016 National cultural and linguistic diverse worker’s conference Hervey Bay, Queensland
26-09-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Melbourne 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
23-09-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (ACT) Canberra, ACT
23-09-2016 2016 Australian Counselling Association National Conference Adelaide, South Australia
23-09-2016 Cancer Screening and Health Information for Aboriginal women Kyogle, New South Wales
22-09-2016 Primary Health Care: Making a difference Broome
21-09-2016 QAIHC Arthur Beetson Foundation Murri Rugby League Carnival Moreton Bay, Queensland
21-09-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (NSW) Sydney, New South Wales
21-09-2016 Asthma Educators Course Perth, Western Australia
20-09-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Launceston 2016 Launceston, Tasmania
20-09-2016 Motivational Interviewing Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (Western Australia) Western Australia
20-09-2016 No Smokes Flipchart Training Darwin, Northern Territory
18-09-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Public Health Association Australia 44th Annual Conference & 20th Chronic Diseases Network Conference Alice Springs, Northern Territory
17-09-2016 International evaluation conference Perth, Western Australia
17-09-2016 Gynaecological Oncology Education Forum Orange, New South Wales
16-09-2016 2016 Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Care Conference Sydney, New South Wales
15-09-2016 NACCHO Ochre Day 2016 Perth, Western Australia
15-09-2016 Better Chances Forum - Supporting Children and Young People in Northern Rivers Lennox Head, New South Wales
15-09-2016 Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (IMSANZ) and Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand (SOMANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting Alice Springs, Northern Territory
15-09-2016 The Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) Rural Innovation and Research Symposium Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
15-09-2016 Positioning Psychosocial Care in Oncology Sydney, New South Wales
15-09-2016 Preparing Patients for Interferon-free Treatment for Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Alice Springs, Northern Territory
14-09-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association annual professional development and networking event Cairns, Queensland
14-09-2016 Cultural centred care from an Indigenous Australian perspective Bunbury, Western Australia
13-09-2016 Australian Otitis Media Conference (OMOZ) 2016 Newcastle, New South Wales
12-09-2016 5th Asia-Pacific (APAC) forum Sydney, New South Wales
12-09-2016 2016 NDARC Annual Research Symposium Sydney, New South Wales
12-09-2016 National Stroke Week Nationwide
11-09-2016 20th Australasian weeds conference Perth, Western Australia
10-09-2016 World suicide prevention day
10-09-2016 Annual Western Australian Allied Health Interested In Bush Experience (WAALHIIBE) and Students and Practitioners Interested in Rural Practice Health Education Xcetera (SPINRPHEX) joint conference Perth, Western Australia
10-09-2016 Thursday Island Colour Fun Run Thursday Island, Torres Strait
10-09-2016 Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) Developing Skills for Grant Funding Workshop
09-09-2016 International FASD awareness day International
09-09-2016 Juraki Surf Invitational Fengal Head, New South Wales
09-09-2016 Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) World Suicide Prevention Day Community Forum Brisbane, Queensland
09-09-2016 Gundy Medical Muster Goondiwindi, Queensland
08-09-2016 Indigenous Diabetic Foot Workshop Alice Springs, Northern Territory
08-09-2016 Suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities Melbourne, Victoria
08-09-2016 Health Professional Cervical Screening Course
08-09-2016 Asthma and Respiratory Management Seminar for Practice Nurses Northern Territory
07-09-2016 Quality Assurance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Services (QAAMS) Darwin, Northern Territory
07-09-2016 Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) State Conference 2016 Brisbane, Queensland
07-09-2016 Breaking the Ice Darlinghurst, New South Wales
07-09-2016 Hip hop workshop Bunbury, Western Australia
06-09-2016 Australian road safety conference 2016 (ARSC2016) Canberra, ACT
06-09-2016 Mental health assessment of Aboriginal clients workshop Melbourne, Victoria
06-09-2016 5th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
06-09-2016 Got Suga Workshop Mount Isa, Queensland
06-09-2016 Quitskills Brief Intervention Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (Queensland) Queensland
05-09-2016 Waltja 2016 Aged and disability festival Ross River, Northern Territory
05-09-2016 Dog Health Training Course Derby, Western Australia
04-09-2016 Indigenous Marathon Project Warrior Fun Run Sydney, New South Wales
03-09-2016 2016 Boyer Lecture series National
01-09-2016 70th Environmental Health Australia (EHA) WA state conference Perth, Western Australia
01-09-2016 Dementia awareness month
31-08-2016 Quitskills Brief Intervention Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (South Australia) Adelaide, South Australia
30-08-2016 11th Australian College of Nurse Practitioners conference and 7th Australian Emergency Nurse Practitioner Symposium Alice Springs, Northern Territory
30-08-2016 Pathways to Success for Individuals with FASD Ascot, Western Australia
30-08-2016 Conservation through sustainable use of wildlife conference Brisbane, Queensland
30-08-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (NT) Darwin, NT
30-08-2016 General practice training and education conference 2016 Gold Coast, Queensland
30-08-2016 Working with People with Disabilities in Remote and Indigenous Communities Alice Springs, Northern Territory
29-08-2016 Working with Children and Young People through Adversity Parramatta, New South Wales
27-08-2016 2016 Indigenous Fellowship Excellence Program Melbourne, Victoria
27-08-2016 RACGP's 2016 Indigenous Fellowship Excellence Program East Melbourne, Victoria
25-08-2016 The Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) conference Christchurch, New Zealand
25-08-2016 Suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities Darwin, Northern Territory
25-08-2016 Australian Youth AOD Conference 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
25-08-2016 Consumer Engagement workshop Sydney, New South Wales
25-08-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander DV-Alert Training New South Wales
24-08-2016 Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) and Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) Annual Scientific Meeting 2016 Gold Coast, Queensland
24-08-2016 2016 National Stolen Generations conference Gold Coast, Queensland
24-08-2016 Indigenous women's leadership summit 2016 Sydney, New South Wales
24-08-2016 Understanding Risky Road Behaviour Workshop Perth, Western Australia
24-08-2016 World First Nations Traditional Kowledge Conference Brisbane, Queensland
23-08-2016 What Drug is That? Darwin, Northern Territory
23-08-2016 Quitskills Brief Intervention Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (Western Australia) Western Australia
23-08-2016 Quitskills Brief Intervention Training for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (Northern Territory) Northern Territory
22-08-2016 Mental health assessment of Aboriginal clients workshop Darwin, Northern Territory
22-08-2016 Indigenous Fire Workshop 2016 Cape York, Queensland
20-08-2016 The Wadjak Northside Community Science Exchange Perth, Western Australia
19-08-2016 2016 Alan Walker Child Health Lecture Series - Improving Indigenous Child Health: What works and what's new Darwin, Northern Territory
18-08-2016 2016 Australian Lung Cancer Conference Melbourne, Victoria
18-08-2016 Harm Reduction Stakeholder Forum: the Impacts of Stigma and Discrimination on the Individual and the Community Lismore, New South Wales
16-08-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Broome 2016 Broome, Western Australia
11-08-2016 Recalls and Reminders Using Communicare Western Australia
10-08-2016 17th International mental health conference Gold Coast, Queensland
10-08-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competency Training: Working and Walking Together Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
10-08-2016 Alcohol Policy Forum Alice Springs, Northern Territory
10-08-2016 A Celebration of Aboriginal Women, Art, Music & Culture Perth, Western Australia
10-08-2016 Breakthrough: ice education for families Victoria
09-08-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Dubbo 2016 Dubbo, New South Wales
09-08-2016 International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples World-wide
08-08-2016 Mindfulness for Health Professionals Shenton Park, Western Australia
08-08-2016 Aboriginal Loss, Grief and Mental Health
05-08-2016 Maternity emergency care Australia-wide
04-08-2016 Suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities Townsville, Queensland
04-08-2016 Mental Health First Aid Rockhampton, Queensland
04-08-2016 Health Star Rating (HSR) Stakeholder Workshop Sydney, New South Wales
04-08-2016 Our Future Our Way - Talking Intergenerational Trauma Webinar Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
04-08-2016 Tuberculosis Testing and Awareness Northern Territory
04-08-2016 Managing Chronic Conditions Using Communicare Western Australia
03-08-2016 WA Immunisation Legal Issues - Informed Consent Perth, Western Australia
02-08-2016 Mental health assessment of Aboriginal clients workshop Townsville, Queensland
01-08-2016 Telling Our Stories In Ways That Make Us Stronger Portsmith, Queensland
01-08-2016 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Workshop Rockhampton, Queensland
31-07-2016 Environmental health disaster management course 2016 Townsville, Queensland
29-07-2016 Garma Festival 2016 Arnhem Land, Northern Territory
29-07-2016 Carbohydrate Counting for Managing Diabetes Melbourne, Victoria
28-07-2016 World Hepatitis Day 2016 Global
27-07-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (Tas) Melbourne, Victoria
27-07-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (Vic) Melbourne, Victoria
27-07-2016 Palliative Care Victoria Biennial Conference: Inside Outside - Keeping the Essence of Palliative Care Alive Melbourne, Victoria
27-07-2016 AHHA Mental Health Network Meeting Darwin, Northern Territory
26-07-2016 Eliminate Hep C Symposium Melbourne, Victoria
26-07-2016 SMART Recovery Facilitator Training Course Adelaide, South Australia
25-07-2016 Free Indigenous Tennis Come and Try Day Bunbury, Western Australia
24-07-2016 National suicide prevention conference Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
22-07-2016 Research Skills Seminar: Conduction Research with the Indigenous Community Perth, Western Australia
21-07-2016 Placing Country at the Centre: Decolonising Justice for Indigenous Young People with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Crawley, Western Australia
20-07-2016 2016 "Are You Remotely Interested...?" Rural Health Conference Mount Isa, Queensland
19-07-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Mount Isa 2016 Mount Isa, Queensland
19-07-2016 Chronic Disease Management and Healthy Ageing Workshop Australia-wide
18-07-2016 Land capability assessment for on-site wastewater management course Perth, Western Australia
16-07-2016 Moorditj Koort NAIDOC Basketball Carnival Rockingham, Western Australia
15-07-2016 Nutritional Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young People Webinar Online
14-07-2016 Suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities Mount Isa, Queensland
13-07-2016 Challenging the mental illness-violence nexus conference Brisbane, Queensland
13-07-2016 NAIDOC celebration day Tabulam, New South Wales
13-07-2016 Alcohol and Pregnancy - A Community Conversation Fortitude Valley, Queensland
12-07-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Lismore 2016 Lismore, New South Wales
11-07-2016 Community Reference Group Conversations (REAACH CRE) Darwin, NT; Brisbane, Qld; Perth, WA
09-07-2016 Australian Diabetes Education Association (ADEA) Victoria Branch Conference Melbourne, Victoria
09-07-2016 Royal Perth Hospital rural & remote viral hepatitis symposium Perth, Western Australia
09-07-2016 myPHN 2016 conference Cairns, Queensland
09-07-2016 OARS Community Transitions: Family Information Day Adelaide, South Australia
09-07-2016 NAIDOC Week 2016 at Barangaroo Reserve Sydney, New South Wales
09-07-2016 City of Vincent NAIDOC week event Perth, Western Australia
08-07-2016 Tharawal LALC NAIDOC Family Fun Day Couridjah, New South Wales
07-07-2016 NAIDOC family fun day in Grafton Grafton, New South Wales
07-07-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Nutrition and Wellbeing Seminar Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
06-07-2016 14th Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) conference Melbourne, Victoria
06-07-2016 Palliative care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals workshop Perth, Western Australia
06-07-2016 Working With Young People - Training Series The Gardens, Northern Territory
06-07-2016 Taking It To Heart: Exploring Immune Solutions to Curb Rheumatic Heart Disease in Aboriginal Australians Melbourne, Victoria
06-07-2016 'Take Heart' RHD film screening and biomedical panel discussion Melbourne, Victoria
06-07-2016 Implementation and Outcomes of the Revised Katherine Alcohol Management Plan: An Evaluation Katherine, Northern Territory
05-07-2016 Central Coast NAIDOC community day 2016 Gosford, New South Wales
05-07-2016 Ninth Arakwal NAIDOC Week Screening 2016 Byron Bay, NSW
03-07-2016 National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) day Australia-wide
03-07-2016 South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS) NAIDOC week events Bunbury, Western Australia
02-07-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Rural Health West Aboriginal health conference Perth, Western Australia
02-07-2016 Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) national convention Townsville 2016 Townsville, Queensland
01-07-2016 The 2016 Australian Winter School conference Brisbane, Queensland
30-06-2016 Gippsland Indigenous Netball Day Sale, Victoria
30-06-2016 Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream Tasmania
27-06-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Alice Springs 2016 Alice Springs, Northern Territory
25-06-2016 Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) - SA Branch Day Seminar Hindmarsh, South Australia
24-06-2016 Australian College of Mental Health Nurses WA branch winter symposium Perth, Western Australia
24-06-2016 Pilbara Aboriginal Heart Health Program - Roebourne Launch Roebourne, Western Australia
23-06-2016 Can we do better than 'I treat everyone the same'? RACGP workshop Brisbane, Queensland
23-06-2016 Screening Tool for Assessing Risk of Suicide (STARS) Sydney, New South Wales
22-06-2016 8th World congress of behavioural and cognitive therapies Melbourne, Victoria
22-06-2016 NSW Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing workforce forum 2016 Hunter Valley, New South Wales
22-06-2016 Free Indigenous Tennis Come and Try Day Katherine, Northern Territory
22-06-2016 Suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities Perth, Western Australia
22-06-2016 Things Gotta Go Both Ways: Climate Change, Indigenous Knowledge and Social Justice Melbourne, Victoria
21-06-2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker forum - Nhulunbuy 2016 Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory
21-06-2016 Aboriginal Health Worker Screening and Treatment Training Bairnsdale, Victoria
20-06-2016 Mental Health Assessment of Aboriginal Clients Workshop Perth, Western Australia
20-06-2016 Free Indigenous tennis come and try day The Gardens, Darwin, Northern Territory
20-06-2016 Developing northern Australia conference 2016 Darwin, Northern Territory
20-06-2016 Multicultural mental health sub network inaugural open meeting Perth, Western Australia
19-06-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Australian Health Promotion Association 23rd National Conference Scarborough, Western Australia
19-06-2016 AHPA 2016 Indigenous workshop Scarborough, Western Australia
16-06-2016 Screening Tool for Assessing Risk of Suicide (STARS) Melbourne, Victoria
16-06-2016 Building a Collaborative Circle of Care Subiaco, Western Australia
15-06-2016 Yarning up forum Adelaide, South Australia
15-06-2016 Digital innovations for healthcare of the future, Australia 2016 conference Sydney, New South Wales
15-06-2016 Indigenous diabetic foot workshop Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory
14-06-2016 Sniffing, huffing and chroming: responding to volatile substance use Perth, Western Australia
14-06-2016 BBV informed consent training Perth, Western Australia
14-06-2016 Indigenous diabetic foot workshop Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory
14-06-2016 Tackling Indigenous smoking (TIS) workshop (Qld) Brisbane, Queensland
14-06-2016 Act-belong-commit: Standing strong together in Roebourne - Perth Seminar Mount Claremont, Western Australia
10-06-2016 Support and response options for clients with mental health and AOD comorbidity Adelaide, South Australia
09-06-2016 Rural Doctors Association of Queensland (RDAQ) 27th annual conference Caloundra, Queensland
09-06-2016 Caring for self in order to care for others seminar Werribee, Victoria
09-06-2016 2016 positive adolescent sexual health (PASH) conference Lismore, New South Wales
09-06-2016 Diabetes Queensland annual forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers/Practitioners Cairns, Queensland
09-06-2016 2016 SiREN symposium Bentley, Western Australia
08-06-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Primary Health Care (PHC) Research Conference Canberra, ACT
08-06-2016 2016 Primary health care (PHC) research conference Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
08-06-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe 2016 Northern Territory AOD workforce conference Darwin, Northern Territory
07-06-2016 Cultural considerations in palliative care Shenton Park, Western Australia
07-06-2016 15th National immunisation conference Brisbane, Queensland
07-06-2016 Quitskills brief intervention training for tackling Indigenous smoking Newman, Western Australia
07-06-2016 Creating culturally responsive practise to engage with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and families Wodonga, Victoria
07-06-2016 Culturally safe assessment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people workshop Perth, Western Australia
06-06-2016 Child trauma conference 2016 Melbourne, Victoria
06-06-2016 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA) conference 2016 Sydney, New South Wales
06-06-2016 6th National NRM knowledge conference Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
06-06-2016 Working with addictions in child and family work Parramatta, New South Wales
02-06-2016 Kapululangu Dreaming track trek Balgo, Western Australia
02-06-2016 Indigenous domestic violence alert training Kununurra and Port Headland, Western Australia
02-06-2016 Otitis Media and Aural Health Care Program Western Australia
01-06-2016 Bowel Cancer Awareness Month
19-05-2016 Marr Moorditj cultural awareness workshops Perth, Western Australia
07-05-2016 Talent 4 Tokyo
29-04-2016 Practical skills triage emergency care
12-04-2016 Workshops for Rainforest Aboriginal people Kuranda, Queensland
11-04-2016 Breakthrough: ice education for families Victoria
24-03-2016 Change Agent Network AOD webinar series 2016 National
21-03-2016 Remote emergency care workshops 2016 National locations
21-03-2016 Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) safer injecting and identification and management of opioid overdose workshop Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
10-03-2016 'Take Heart' film premiere and screenings Various locations across Australia
04-03-2016 Maternity emergency care National locations
Last updated: 30 November 2016
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