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Indigenous Sexual Offending Program



The Indigenous Sexual Offending Program is a program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders who have committed one or several sexual offences.

The program uses a cognitive behavioural approach to change antisocial attitudes and behaviour, and promotes a holistic pro-social lifestyle with the aim of assisting offenders to avoid re-offending.

The Indigenous Sexual Offending Program is designed to accommodate cultural, custom and language considerations relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders. Topic areas covered by the program include:

The delivery team of the Indigenous Sexual Offending Program includes a cultural advisor who attends group and consults with program staff in order to acknowledge cultural context and inform on culturally sensitive issues. This program can accommodate offenders with moderate and high risk needs. The program is only delivered in a rolling format, so offenders can enter the program when a vacancy occurs.

The Indigenous Sexual Offending Program is ran by Queensland Corrective Services.

Queensland Corrective Services abstract


Corrective Services, Queensland
Statewide Operations Directorate
State Law Building
50 Ann Street
Brisbane Qld 4000
GPO Box 1054
Brisbane Qld 4001
Ph: (07) 3227 7111

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Last updated: 27 May 2016
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