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The Larrakia Healing Group



The Larrakia Healing group is a group of Larrakia people in the Northern Territory (NT) committed to working together on country towards healing and recovery from intergenerational trauma for their families and their community. Members practice a range of alternative and traditional healing techniques within the community. They are also interested in creating relevant and effective support for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the range of health and social services available to them.

The Caring for Country, Caring for Each Other (Larrakia Healing Group resources) aim to aid services in considering the holistic nature of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing and how historical impacts have affected families and communities within a localised context.

The resources aim to stimulate engaging conversations around providing effective and respectful services to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on Larrakia country.

The Larrakia Healing Group received funding from NT Primary Health Network, the lead agency for NT Partners in Recovery (PIR) Program, for the development of the Caring for Country, Caring for Each Other resources. Partners in Recovery is an initiative of the Australian Government.

Larrakia Healing group abstract


Larrakia Healing Group


Last updated: 19 September 2017
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