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Lighten Up to a Healthier Lifestyle Program



The Lighten Up to a healthier lifestyle program is a healthy lifestyle group program for adults who want to improve their health. Lighten Up was developed by and is funded by Queensland Health. It assists people to eat well and be active, manage stress and make long term behaviour changes to support a healthy lifestyle.

Lighten up programs are usually conducted over nine or ten weeks, including seven two-hour workshops and two to three individual appointments. Trained health professionals from a variety of backgrounds (facilitators) run Lighten up programs with support from Queensland Health staff.

All Queenslanders who are at risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease are eligible to participate in this community-based program at a very low cost (usually up to $50 in Queensland Health facilities). A referral letter from a health professional is not required, but is highly desirable and you should inform your doctor that you plan to attend.

Lighten Up assists people to develop a healthy attitude to eating and physical activity. It does not provide a 'diet' to follow but helps people to:


Queensland Government abstract


Queensland Health
Queensland Health Building
147-163 Charlotte Street
Brisbane Qld 4000
GPO Box 48
Brisbane QLD 4001
Ph: (07) 3234 0111

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Last updated: 20 June 2016
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