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Koori community safety grants



The Koori community safety grants aim to address violence against women and children in Koori communities in Victoria (Vic).

The grant provides an opportunity for Koori community groups and organisations to work in partnership with each other and the local government to address the various forms of violence experienced by the community. This includes lateral violence, family violence, community/family feuding, clan rivalry, inter-generational feuding, same-sex fighting and Elder abuse.

The grant is split into four sub-projects, the Strong men strong communities project, the Family and community violence prevention project, the Aboriginal family violence harmony project, and the Strong relationships strong community project.

The Strong men strong communities project works with Indigenous men in six towns across East Gippsland, and aims to prevent all forms of family and community violence. The program builds the capacity of Indigenous men to choose alternatives to violence, and provides opportunities for the participants to become leaders and mentors for others in the program. The program aims to prevent all forms of family and community violence.

The Family and community violence prevention project aims to create a large network of Koories who have an increased capacity to deal with issues that compromise their safety. The program provides a range of gender specific activities, with some activities based on proven projects, and others being developed through the project itself.

The Aboriginal family violence harmony project provides a range of activities that promote anti-violence prevention for Indigenous communities in the Greater Shepparton area. Activities will range from being gender-specific, to involving families and all participants.

The Strong relationships strong community project aims to increase understandings of violence, and provide skill development that increases community safety, as well as increase Koori community participation in mediation services.

The Koori Justice Unit in the Department of Justice and Regulation, in partnership with Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees, is delivering the Koori community safety grants.

Abstract adapted from Department of Justice and Regulation, Victoria


Department of Justice and Regulation, Victoria
GPO Box 4356
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 8684 0000 or 1300 365 111


Last updated: 3 September 2015
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