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Flexible career pathways for the Aboriginal health workforce



The Flexible career pathways for the Aboriginal health workforce research project, is part of the Lowitja Institute's Enabling policy and systems research program. The project aims to encourage greater participation by Indigenous Australian's' in the health workforce by identifying strategies based around flexible career pathways; strategies that would allow people to pursue jobs that are right for them, and to develop career paths that encourage continuing participation in the workforce.

Pathways for existing Aboriginal health staff into a wide suite of health professions and the value and development of allied or para-professional roles in what is widely acknowledged as the "new workforce" will form a key part of the research.

The Flexible pathways project began in August 2012 after a roundtable discussion highlighted the need to build an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce.

The project team will interview past and present Aboriginal workers in health, employers, policy makers, professional colleagues, young Aboriginal people who may be considering a health career, and educators.

The research will:

A key outcome of the project will be to encourage recognition of the valuable contributions Aboriginal people in the health workforce make to improve the health of Aboriginal communities in urban, rural and remote settings, and will propose opportunities for enhancing these contributions.

The research project produces a quarterly newsletter which can be accessed from the links below.


Project Leader
Professor Dean Carson
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001
Ph: (08) 8201 3911


Last updated: 22 May 2013
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