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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Regional oral health promotion program



The Regional oral health promotion program is a partnership, established in 2008, between Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services Inc. and the Greater Western Area Health Service (GWAHS). This program aims to find oral health needs within the community, and implement oral health education and service programs. Ms Kay Jackson, the Regional Oral Health Promotion Coordinator, is based in Dubbo, New South Wales, and works with the communities and organisations in the Bila Muuji area, GWAHS, and other relevant organisations and groups, to implement dental prevention and education programs identified in the Bila Muuji regional oral health promotion plan. Some of the oral health promotion activities already under way include school-based tooth brushing and education programs (in Bourke, Walgett, and Dareton), daily brushing at preschools (in Walgett, Orange, and Wellington), and fluoride varnish application by health professionals (in Walgett). A key element of the project is the collaborative approach to program development, involving key community members and health staff.

Abstract adapted from Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services Inc.


Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services Inc.
PO Box 362
Bourke NSW 2840
Ph: (02) 6872 308
Fax: (02) 6872 3158


Last updated: 19 December 2011
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