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  • Leigh 13 April 2015

    Very useful info, thanks.

    HealthInfoNet 17 April 2015

    Hi Leigh,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on our guestbook, we appreciate your feedback.
    Best wishes from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet team

  • Rachel 9 April 2015

    Thank you for such a informative, easy-to-use website! It has helped me so much in collecting information for my assignment as you've included all the information I could ever need in one place. As a non-Indigenous person, I am now much more aware of the challenges people face and the programs we have running to help them! Definitely will be using this resource again in the future :)

    HealthInfoNet 17 April 2015

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for leaving such lovely feedback on our guestbook, we appreciate it. Glad that our resource has been able to assist you in your studies, and more aware of the issues that face the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.
    Best wishes from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet team

  • Julie 3 March 2015

    Great page very informatiove

    HealthInfoNet 17 April 2015

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for leaving feedback on our web resource, we appreciate it.
    Best wishes from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet team

  • Renato 3 March 2015

    It is a excellent website with enormous resources... many thanks. I am anthropologist working with traditional healing practices among the indigenous people in the Northwest of the Amazon (Brazil and Colombia).

    HealthInfoNet 17 April 2015

    Hi Renato,
    Thanks so much for leaving feedback on our web resource. It's great to hear that our site is useful for you in your work with the Indigenous people of Brazil and Colombia.
    Best wishes from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet team

  • Lisa 25 February 2015

    Thank you :)

    HealthInfoNet 17 April 2015

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on our guestbook, we appreciate your feedback.
    Best wishes from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet team

  • Helene 16 February 2015

    What a great website! It has been inspirational for me - a non-indigenous person - and given me another surge to power ahead by educating health workers about the importance of closing the healthcare gap.

    HealthInfoNet 18 February 2015

    Helene, Thank you so much for your kind words.  We remain committed to providing the best resource we can to support people working in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health sector. Cheers Neil Drew Director

  • Tara 10 December 2014

    I have recently started a new role as ATODS Awareness Health Worker within my community and this website is very helpful. Keep up the great work. Bowen Queensland

  • annette 7 December 2014

    this site and resources are very helpful - thank you

  • John 29 October 2014

    I am so thrilled to find that you are still doing such fabulous work to help people with alcohol programmes in Central Australia. Your website is very informative and a credit to you all. Please know that my wife, Jo Wynter, and I (who both worked hard to establish CAAAPU with others in the very early days) send you our very best and warmest wishes and thanks for continuing this very important work of caring. Sincerely, John Hill Cooktown, Queensland

  • Don 24 October 2014

    It is nice to see our mob being looked after in so many ways ,it is also exciting to see progress being made in the health field also all the info is just fantastic to help us all .

  • Jack 10 October 2014

    Thanks for all the info guys, highly appreciate it :) 

  • Melissa 8 September 2014

    I stumbled upon this website while trying to search for information regarding Indigenous Australians with disability for an assignmnet I am currently working on. I am studying a Bacheor of Psychology with a major in Disability and Developmental Education. The bibliography has been extremely helpful to me in regards to sourcing journal articles. I will keep this webiste in mind for the future, I would love to have a career working with Indigenous Australians. Thankyou :)

  • Tammi 17 June 2014

    This is a really good site and very informative. I work in a GP practice as a receptionist this site gives me a good incite to how our pactice can help close the gap with our Indigenous patients.

  • Susan 31 May 2014

    I love this resource and will be highly recommending it to my colleagues.

  • Darlene 13 May 2014

    Great information. I have shared info with famlies I work with.

  • Bella 6 March 2014

    Great resources, thanks

  • онкология 20 January 2014 is wonderful. There's always all of the ideal info in the ideas of my fingers. Thanks and keep up the excellent work! and Happy New Year!

  • Kye 5 December 2013

    Good works mates stay strong!!! Left Side! Strong Side!!

  • Matt 7 November 2013

    Great site. Easy to navigate and set out well.

  • Samantha 8 October 2013

    I am currently studying bachelor of nursing and having to do an assessment on the National Health Priority Area of Injury and Injury Prevention. I have always wanted to work within Indigenous health and maybe now I will get that chance. I have enjoyed looking around your website, however, some links are no longer available which I found a little disappointing. Keep up the great work and I hope to come back and use this site again.

  • Jessica 7 October 2013

    Your information provided on this website was really helpful thank you

  • Alison 5 October 2013

    Thank you very much as I am a trainee enrolled nurse. This has helped me have a better understanding for my assignment. More knowledge and feel this is an added bonus for the medical profession.

  • Holli 24 September 2013

    Absolutely fantastic resource, it has been so useful in many of my undergrad nursing assignments and presentations especially in the area of primary health. Aboriginal health is of great interest to me and it is relevant to have all these resources together, to be therefore working together. Cheers! Holli

  • Luke 27 August 2013

    Hi, I found this website a very valuable resource. It is assisting me greatly in terms of reference material whilst compiling a presentation around the health outcomes of indigenous person(s) residing in Australia. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive site full of research and reference material. Regards, Luke

  • Tanaha 25 August 2013

    Mad site. Can't wait to start some of these program's :-)

  • Cherene 6 August 2013

    I found this website to be very informative on all levels such as health,training,seminars etc.Its characterised with the information blocks on the left so that you know and can access these links easily for the members of the communities to professional people. Cheers Cherene

  • francesca 31 July 2013

    i think this is excellent and informative especially when u r new in this field

  • Jenni 31 July 2013

    A wonderful insightful resource.

  • Deborah 28 July 2013

    I am currently undertaking studies in Cert IV community Services Work and found this site to be very informative and helpful.

  • Sydney 18 July 2013

    It was wonderful to be able to learn so much from this website and I loved how in depth the information was, keep up the fantastic work you're doing and continue to inspire others. Thank you!

  • Daniel 24 June 2013

    Thanks for all the handy resources :)

  • Sammi 22 June 2013

    The Health worker portal has turned out to be an excellent resource tool! It is very easy to navigate and all the information is current, relevant and concise. I recommend it to all my colleagues and Community and its been very worthwhile being a part of the National Reference Group for this portal. Congrats healthinfonet on your work Sammi

  • vickie 20 June 2013

    Absolutely wonderful we finally have access to all this information and resources.

  • Arone 14 June 2013

    Great information.

  • helen 13 June 2013

    I am a Community Services student studying a Diploma. I have a question or a theory that may be of interest. In my research I have found a lot of Multi cultural support groups and a focus on this, but it is harder to find information on Indigenous community groups, supporting Indigenous people in the community. Are these available in sources other than say Centrelink, or Government forums. My concern is some of the web sites and information on this site is very informative but are there any actual metropolitan centres for groups, men, women, teenagers. Physical access to these for advise, support. Centres where anyone could meet and discuss or places of connection where for instance a single parent could get concerns addressed. Indigenous role models to discuss career choices, direction if this wasn't available to them through lack of immediate family, separation from them by choice or another reason. I have seen an incentive of funding available for this. On this site. I'de like to encourage such places as all of multicultural Australia have these or are being formed also. Meeting places with Indigenous facilitators. As individuals of any culture or anyone being marginalised in any way. There seems to be a gap here. More so in Cities as opposed to Regional areas. Many thanks Still learning. H Lapham Many thanks

    HealthInfoNet 21 June 2013

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for contacting the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. With regards to your question about support groups for Indigenous peoples, there are a range of such services throughout the nation, it just depends on the nature of the support you’re seeking and the state/territory in which you’re located.

    As a starting point, you may find it helpful to look at the list of organisations we have on our website (see link below). This list contains both government and non-government organisations, and also includes state/territory specific organisations, as well as national organisations.  

    To narrow the focus of your search, it is helpful to consider the specific area of health you’re interested in, then look at all the organisations we have identified in that area. For example, if you’re interested in social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB), just go to the SEWB homepage (, then click on the ‘organisations’ icon to access the list of organisations we have located in this area.  

    You may also want to have a look at our list of programs and projects. This list is quite comprehensive and includes all the great initiatives that are occurring across Indigenous health throughout the country – many such programs include a support-type component. This list of programs and projects is quite valuable as a lot of local programs and projects often go unrecognised, so this list gives prominence and awareness to such programs and projects, thus allowing others to learn from their initiatives (see link below).  

    As mentioned above with the organisations, you can refine the list of programs and projects by going to the homepage of the health topic you’re interested in and selecting the ‘programs and projects’ icon from its homepage. Alternatively, if you’re interested in particular population groups, such as adolescents, you can access the list of programs and projects we have identified in this area by going to the ‘adolescents’ homepage (

    We hope you find this information helpful. Best of luck with your studies.

    Kind regards,

    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

  • Brisbane 28 May 2013

    Your website has truly inspired me! Thank you so much.

Last updated: 13 April 2015
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