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We welcome your comments & feedback and hope you like the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet website.

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  • Samantha Jay Sperring 8 October 2013

    I am currently studying bachelor of nursing and having to do an assessment on the National Health Priority Area of Injury and Injury Prevention. I have always wanted to work within Indigenous health and maybe now I will get that chance. I have enjoyed looking around your website, however, some links are no longer available which I found a little disappointing. Keep up the great work and I hope to come back and use this site again.

  • Jessica Nguyen 7 October 2013

    Your information provided on this website was really helpful thank you

  • Alison Odgers 5 October 2013

    Thank you very much as I am a trainee enrolled nurse. This has helped me have a better understanding for my assignment. More knowledge and feel this is an added bonus for the medical profession.

  • Holli Parker 24 September 2013

    Absolutely fantastic resource, it has been so useful in many of my undergrad nursing assignments and presentations especially in the area of primary health. Aboriginal health is of great interest to me and it is relevant to have all these resources together, to be therefore working together. Cheers! Holli

  • Luke 27 August 2013

    Hi, I found this website a very valuable resource. It is assisting me greatly in terms of reference material whilst compiling a presentation around the health outcomes of indigenous person(s) residing in Australia. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive site full of research and reference material. Regards, Luke

  • Tanaha 25 August 2013

    Mad site. Can't wait to start some of these program's :-)

  • Cherene Holmes 6 August 2013

    I found this website to be very informative on all levels such as health,training,seminars etc.Its characterised with the information blocks on the left so that you know and can access these links easily for the members of the communities to professional people. Cheers Cherene

  • francesca glen 31 July 2013

    i think this is excellent and informative especially when u r new in this field

  • Jenni Doust 31 July 2013

    A wonderful insightful resource.

  • Deborah Culton 28 July 2013

    I am currently undertaking studies in Cert IV community Services Work and found this site to be very informative and helpful.

  • Sydney Robillard 18 July 2013

    It was wonderful to be able to learn so much from this website and I loved how in depth the information was, keep up the fantastic work you're doing and continue to inspire others. Thank you!

  • wendy campbell 9 July 2013

    I have several chronic illnesses and i am now getting continual eye infections without a cause. I see many specialists and have little resources to pay the payments required it would be good if specialists were in the ctg programe I have only known about my fathers side of the family for the last 15 years and i am now searching for him.

    HealthInfoNet 2 September 2013

    Thanks for comment in the guestbook.

    As far as we know, not all GPs are part of the CTG program. You can locate a PIP Indigenous health incentive participating general practice (GP) by calling 1800 222 032.

    There is also an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander free-call telephone service about Medicare information, available on 1800 556 955. (For information regarding the Medicare payments, please contact Medicare on (02) 6289 2409).

    Information on Indigenous services can also be found on:

    Website: or

  • Daniel Malcon 24 June 2013

    Thanks for all the handy resources :)

  • Sammi Fatnowna 22 June 2013

    The Health worker portal has turned out to be an excellent resource tool! It is very easy to navigate and all the information is current, relevant and concise. I recommend it to all my colleagues and Community and its been very worthwhile being a part of the National Reference Group for this portal. Congrats healthinfonet on your work Sammi

  • vickie Leonard 20 June 2013

    Absolutely wonderful we finally have access to all this information and resources.

  • Arone Meeks 14 June 2013

    Great information.

  • helen lapham 13 June 2013

    I am a Community Services student studying a Diploma. I have a question or a theory that may be of interest. In my research I have found a lot of Multi cultural support groups and a focus on this, but it is harder to find information on Indigenous community groups, supporting Indigenous people in the community. Are these available in sources other than say Centrelink, or Government forums. My concern is some of the web sites and information on this site is very informative but are there any actual metropolitan centres for groups, men, women, teenagers. Physical access to these for advise, support. Centres where anyone could meet and discuss or places of connection where for instance a single parent could get concerns addressed. Indigenous role models to discuss career choices, direction if this wasn't available to them through lack of immediate family, separation from them by choice or another reason. I have seen an incentive of funding available for this. On this site. I'de like to encourage such places as all of multicultural Australia have these or are being formed also. Meeting places with Indigenous facilitators. As individuals of any culture or anyone being marginalised in any way. There seems to be a gap here. More so in Cities as opposed to Regional areas. Many thanks Still learning. H Lapham Many thanks

    HealthInfoNet 21 June 2013

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for contacting the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. With regards to your question about support groups for Indigenous peoples, there are a range of such services throughout the nation, it just depends on the nature of the support you’re seeking and the state/territory in which you’re located.

    As a starting point, you may find it helpful to look at the list of organisations we have on our website (see link below). This list contains both government and non-government organisations, and also includes state/territory specific organisations, as well as national organisations.  

    To narrow the focus of your search, it is helpful to consider the specific area of health you’re interested in, then look at all the organisations we have identified in that area. For example, if you’re interested in social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB), just go to the SEWB homepage (, then click on the ‘organisations’ icon to access the list of organisations we have located in this area.  

    You may also want to have a look at our list of programs and projects. This list is quite comprehensive and includes all the great initiatives that are occurring across Indigenous health throughout the country – many such programs include a support-type component. This list of programs and projects is quite valuable as a lot of local programs and projects often go unrecognised, so this list gives prominence and awareness to such programs and projects, thus allowing others to learn from their initiatives (see link below).  

    As mentioned above with the organisations, you can refine the list of programs and projects by going to the homepage of the health topic you’re interested in and selecting the ‘programs and projects’ icon from its homepage. Alternatively, if you’re interested in particular population groups, such as adolescents, you can access the list of programs and projects we have identified in this area by going to the ‘adolescents’ homepage (

    We hope you find this information helpful. Best of luck with your studies.

    Kind regards,

    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

  • Brisbane Flowers 28 May 2013

    Your website has truly inspired me! Thank you so much.

  • Catherine Taylor Groenlund 16 April 2013

    An excellent website so well set out and clear and full of great resources. The site is very user friendly. Suggest it should be a link on all tertiary institutions websites teaching especially health and education disciplines to further publicise.

  • anne kennedy 11 April 2013

    Great site...I love hearing about what's happening all over the country. I work in mainstream mental health rehab but have indigenous clients as well....the info imparted on this site helps me greatly.

  • Mischa Fisher 10 April 2013

    Thank you for including me. This is a deadly website with a wealth of information. Good luck Billy Ray with your up and coming Bush Tucker garden trail.

  • Nicole Fitch 9 April 2013

    As a psychology and Health Promotion student with a keen interest in Indigenous health and well being this web resource is excellent.

  • Bill Ray 1 April 2013

    We are looking for men to join our men's shed, we hope to establish a new garden when we build our new workshop and a part of this new garden we would like experienced men who can help to build a aboriginal bush tucker garden. This would be used to educate people in Newcastle area to what is good bush tucker. Some city folk go bush walking with no idea of bush survival and they end up become another new story of lost in the bush and starved to death, when there was plenty to eat around them. So even though we are in a City, education of our environmental needs is important.

  • Tracey Castle 21 March 2013

    Great site. Would like to see it publicised more, as none of my non-Indigenous work colleagues were aware it existed - let alone the significance of Close The Gap.

  • Narelle Pasco 21 February 2013

    Great links with other states.

  • Julian 12 February 2013

    The Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet website is excellent and first class for all Australians. Priority in Indigenous healthcare and encouraging healthier lifestyles in Indigenous communities will eventually reflect an improvement in healthcare for all Australians.

  • Deborah Stewart 24 January 2013

    Deadly web site full of information

  • Julia 22 January 2013

    perfectly. It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again!

  • Mary 14 December 2012

    Very resourceful

  • ray razon 28 October 2012

    This site is very informative and with their links. Since i finished my Diploma in Community Welfare Work and recently, Cert III in Sport and Recreation, i can research organizations who are in need of staff and working opportunities.

  • Amanda Doyle 18 September 2012

    What a fantastic and comprehensive website, great resources and information Thanks, Amanda

  • Joe Randolph 21 August 2012

    Thanks for great resources. This helps in my role as a social worker to have easily accessable and readily reliable informaiton on hand to improve interactions with service users. 

  • simon miller 15 August 2012

    very handy site just finished my cert 3 in environmental health here in south Australia and i found this site very helpful to me

  • jodie 23 July 2012

    Ideal site for me an my family who have come interstate and needed to be linked in with various services thank you..

  • Jane Hastwell 7 July 2012

    I'm currently studying and my 1st assignment is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health issues with an outlook to offering possible solutions. This site has been a great source of information, I'm very glad my sister referred me to this site. I'm sure I'll be back to visit often and hope to give some of my own input next time. Thanks a million

  • shelly graham-smith 2 July 2012

    Very informative website, easy to navigate.

  • ROSE WARD 22 June 2012

    great site and full of info, currently studying mental health at the REPAT, i am a Indigenous enrolled nurse at flinders emergency. Needed info on or rated to early childhood trauma and its link to adult mental health.

    HealthInfoNet 26 June 2012

    Hi Rose

    Thank you very much for placing a comment on our guestbook.

    We have selected a few publications from our website that may be helpful for you:

    • Armstrong, K. (1999). The impact of traumatic childhood experiences on children's lives, with particular reference to traumatised children raised in institutional settings. Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal, 23(2), 14-20. -
    • De Maio, J. A., Zubrick, S. R., Silburn, S. R., Lawrence, D. M., Mitrou, F. G., Dalby, R. B., et al. (2005). Measuring the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal children and intergenerational effects of forced separation (No. The Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey). Perth: Telethon Institute for Child Health Research. -
    • McKendrick, J. H., & Thorpe, M. (1998). The legacy of colonisation: trauma, loss and psychological distress amongst Aboriginal people. Grief Matters, 1(2), 4-8. -
    • Petchkovsky, L., & San Roque, C. (2002). Tjunguwiyanytja, attacks on linking: forced separation and its psychiatric sequelae in Australia's 'stolen generations'. Transcultural Psychiatry, 39(3), 345-366.
    • Zubrick, S. R., Silburn, S. R., Lawrence, D. M., Mitrou, F. G., Dalby, R. B., Blair, E. M., et al. (2005). The social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal children and young people: forced separation from natural family, forced relocation from traditional country or homeland, and social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal children and young people, addtional notes (No. The Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey, v. 2). Perth: Telethon Institute for Child Health Research and Curtin University of Technology. -

    You may also find more information in our social and emotional wellbeing section or you could join our social and emotional wellbeing yarning place ( so that you could connect with other members around the country who may also have information on this topic.

    Warm regards,

    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

  • Joyce Wallis 20 June 2012

    This is a great site, was looking for scholarship information to assist me at Uni in semester 2 commencement.

    HealthInfoNet 20 June 2012

    Hi Joyce

    Thank you for your comment on the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet's guestbook. If you are looking for financial support check out our funding section. Good luck with your study.

    Warm regards,

    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

  • Christine Sevallos 18 June 2012

    It is a great site, well done people's.

  • rod pritchard 5 June 2012

    Great website,was interesting to see whats available,do you send out newsletter by email?

    HealthInfoNet 5 June 2012

    The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is an information resource that aims to present the full scope of research, policy and action on Australian Indigenous health. The latest publications, reports, resources, theses, conference presentations and websites are published through our electronic journal, the HealthBulletin ( You can subscribe via RSS, email or Twitter and email notifications come out twice weekly.

    Much of what we update on our web pages is tweeted through the appropriate Twitter account. This includes all news as well as funding, job opportunities and conferences. The general HealthInfoNet Twitter accounts are here:

    • HealthInfoNet:!/HealthInfoNet
    • HealthBulletin:!/aihbulletin

    We have also developed electronic networks called Yarning Places. These are divided by health topic area so it would be worth joining a few to be kept up to date. All members can send out messages via a group email called message stick (this is moderated by us). You can join here:

    Additionally, there is a general message stick (AIH list serve) which can be accessed from the homepage. Like the Yarning Places message stick, all members can send out messages (also moderated). Using this you will be kept up-to-date by other members with what is happening in Indigenous health:

    Finally, we have a facebook page:

    By signing up or following at least two preferred communication choices (HealthBulletin, Yarning places, General message stick, Twitter, Facebook), you will get most of our news. These information networks and sources are free to all.

  • Fiona Davies 30 May 2012

    Thanks for great resources. This helps in my role as a social worker to have easily accessable and readily reliable informaiton on hand to improve interactions with service users.

  • Kegomoditswe Theresa Tamenti 26 May 2012

    The effect of the implementation of closing the gap are evident already.Congratulations!

  • Vanessa Clay 20 May 2012

    Awesome job! Providing a service that is much needed! thank-you...

  • Khylie Hunt 1 May 2012

    Thanks for this website! I am a pre-service teacher and have found the site is a terrific resource and up-to-date. Keep up the great work.

  • Sally Anne 30 April 2012

    My daughter and I have been looking through this site today because she's doing a presentation about Aboriginal health for university. Great resource! Regards Sally Anne

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