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'Back to Basics' and Certificate 1 in Hospitality courses



The Walkabout Chef's 'Back to Basics' nutrition cookery program in Top End communities is undertaken by Steve Sunk in conjunction with Charles Darwin University and with support from the Fred Hollows Foundation. This course is aimed at adolescent students and mothers and seeks to enhance their knowledge in hygienic and nutritious cooking. Students are selected and invited from this course to enter Certificate 1 in Hospitality (cooking) which is usually undertaken in their home communities. The Charles Darwin University funds the 'Back to Basics' and Certificate 1 in Hospitality courses with The Foundation providing incentives for commitment and high achievement by participants through five $1000 awards ($500 for tools and uniforms and $500 cash) to encourage students to undertake Certificate 2 in Hospitality.


The Fred Hollows Foundation
First Floor
38 Parap Road
Parap NT 0820
PO Box 500
Parap NT 0804
Ph: (08) 8941 5145
Fax: (08) 8941 5815
Email: fhf@hollows.org

The Fred Hollows Foundation
Katherne Training Centre (DEET)
19 Second Street
Katherine NT 0850
Ph: (08) 8971 2193
Fax: (08) 8971 2120
Email: mailto:fhf@hollows.org

Charles Darwin University
Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation (Top End)
Palmerston Campus
Ph: (08) 8946 7525
Email: tour_hosp_recreation-topend@cdu.edu.au

Charles Darwin University
Tourism and Hospitality (Central)
Alice Springs Campus
Ph: (08) 8946 7527
Email: tourism_hospitality-central@cdu.edu.au


Last updated: 15 November 2010
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