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Sexual health
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671 The prevalence of sexually transmitted chlamydia trachomatis infections in an Australian and a Polynesian population 1990 Kolbe, A. Thesis
672 Australian Aborigines and American Indians: comparisons in health care 1990 Hayes, M. Journal article
673 HIV and Aboriginal Australians: a potential heterosexual epidemic 1990 Currie, B. Chuah, J. Krause, V. Patel, M. Mathews, J. Conference presentation
674 Clinical surveillance related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV] in the Northern Territory 1990 Chuah, J. Currie, B. Krause, V. Journal article
675 A demographic and syphilis survey of a remote coastal Arnhem land Aboriginal community and associated outstations 1989 Thorn, P. K. Thesis
676 Sexually transmitted diseases in South Australia. 1989 Public and Environmental Health Division South Australian Health Commission Report
677 Condylomata lata in pre-pubertal Aboriginal children 1989 Norton, R. Journal article
678 Heterosexual transmission of HIV-1 in Australia 1989 Mulhall, B. Crofts, N. Donovan, B. Journal article
679 A simplified and rapid method for diagnosis of granuloma inguinale [donovanosis] [poster] 1989 Morey, F. Conference presentation
680 The prevalence of some infectious diseases in an Aboriginal community determined by the serology and the associations between these diseases 1989 Hill, P. Asche, V. Leach, A. Craig, B. Journal article
Last updated: 7 October 2015
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