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No Title Year Author Type
551 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander survey: health of Indigenous Australians, 1994 1996 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
552 Review of Aboriginal and Torres Islander residential rehabilitation treatment services 1996 Alati, R. Report
553 Marfan syndrome in Aboriginals [letter] 1996 Ades, L. Journal article
554 They might have to drag me like a bullock [review] 1995 Woenne-Green, S. Electronic source
555 They might have to drag me like a bullock : the Tjilpi Pampa Tjutaku Project: final report 1995 Woenne-Green, S. Report
556 Utilisation of hospital and rehabilitation services by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the Shoalhaven District, New South Wales 1995 Turner, J. Journal article
557 Advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability 1995 Smeaton, T. Report
558 A framework for monitoring health outcomes in Queensland 1995 Queensland Health Report
559 Uwankaraku meeting, Umuwa, 2-3 August 1995 1995 NPY Women's Council Conference presentation
560 Appropriate technology for people with disabilities in rural and remote communities 1995 Independent Living Centre of Western Australia Inc. Report
Last updated: 27 July 2016
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