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No Title Year Author Type
331 Human health in relation to pets in urban and Indigenous commuities 2001 Raw, L. Book section
332 Diabetes audit can aid practice development in a range of Indigenous health care settings 2001 Chaves, N. Weeramanthri, T. Mak, D. Bunn, L. Lines, D. Morgan, S. Girrabul, J. Allen, O. Journal article
333 Spatial relationship between dwelling crowding and selected causes of morbidity in Sydney, Australia, 1994-97 2001 Beggs, P. J. Siciliano, F. Journal article
334 Trying to keep a balance: the meaning of health and diabetes in an urban Aboriginal community 2000 Thompson, S. J. Gifford, S. M. Journal article
335 The urban and rural divide for women giving birth in NSW, 1990-1997 2000 Roberts, C. Algert, C. S. Journal article
336 Attitudes towards Aboriginal Australians in city and country settings 2000 Pedersen, A. Griffiths, B. Contos, N. Bishop, B. Walker, I. Journal article
337 Aboriginal urban communities 2000 Palma, B. Electronic source
338 Values of urban Aboriginal parents: food before thought 2000 Nelson, A. Allison, H. Journal article
339 We just want to walk beside you: practice guidelines for occupational therapists working with urban Indigenous children 2000 Nelson, A. Thesis
340 Injecting drug use in urban Indigenous communities: a literature review with a particular focus on the Darwin area 2000 Meyerhoff, G. Report
Last updated: 19 April 2015
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