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No Title Year Author Type
301 Hepatitis C virus in the NT prison population 1999 Huffam, S. Jacups, S. LaBroory, S. Journal article
302 Seroprevalence of markers for hepatitis B, C and G in male and female prisoners NSW, 1996 1999 Butler, T. Spencer, J. Cui, J. S. Vickery, K. Zou, J. Kaldor, J. Journal article
303 Towards a targeted program of hepatitis A and B vaccination for highest-risk adults 1999 Australasian College of Sexual Health Physicians Report
304 Update on HIV and hepatitis C virus in the Northern Territory 1998 Savage, J. Journal article
305 Hepatitis C: information for all Australians [brochure] 1998 Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services Electronic source
306 Injecting equipment provision in Australia: the state of play 1998 Burrows, D. Journal article
307 Northern Territory coordinated care trials: draft adult care guidelines for field testing in the Tiwi Islands 1998 Northern Territory Government Report
308 Further observations on the immune response to recombinant hepatitis B vaccine after administration to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children 1997 Hanna, J. Faoagali, J. Buda, P. Sheridan, J. Journal article
309 Coordinated care trials: hepatitis B carriers 1997 Department of health and Aged Care Report
310 Hepatitis B and C in New South Wales prisons: prevalence and risk factors 1997 Butler, T. G. Dolan, K. A. Ferson, M. J. McGuinness, L. M. Brown, P. R. Robertson, P. W. Journal article
Last updated: 9 October 2015
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