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No Title Year Author Type
41 Guidelines and recommendations for the quality-assured conduct of point-of-care testing for infectious diseases and drugs of abuse in Australia 2012 Shephard, M. Leibie, A. Dimech, W. Condie, D. Nolan, M. Journal article
42 Reduction in disparity for pneumonia hospitalisations between Australian indigenous and non-Indigenous children 2011 Moore, H.C. Lehmann, D. de Klerk, N. Jacoby, P. Richmond, P.C. Journal article
43 Changing epidemiology of invasive pneumococcal disease in Australian children after introduction of a 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 2011 Williams, S.R. Mernagh, P.J. Lee, M.H.T. Tan, J.T. Journal article
44 Case-control evaluation of the effectiveness of the G1P[8] human rotavirus vaccine during an outbreak of rotavirus G2P[4] infection in Central Australia 2011 Snelling, T.L. Andrews, R.M. Kirkwood, C.D. Culvenor, S. Carapetis, J.R. Journal article
45 Control strategies for endemic childhood scabies 2011 Gilmore, S.J. Online journal article
46 Leprosy control, public health paradigms and stigma [editorial] 2011 Awofeso, N. Journal article
47 Sepsis in the tropical Top End of Australia's Northern Territory: disease burden and impact on Indigenous Australians 2011 Davis, J.S. Cheng, A.C. McMillan, M. Humphrey, A.B. Stephens, D.P. Anstey, N.M. Journal article
48 A variable region within the genome of Streptococcus pneumoniae contributes to strain-strain variation in virulence 2011 Harvey, R.M. Stroeher, U.H. Ogunniyi, A.D. Smith-Vaughan, H.C. Leach, A.J. Paton, J.C. Online journal article
49 Young Australians: their health and wellbeing 2011 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
50 One disease at a time: eradicating scabies in east Arnhem Land 2011 Hudson, S. Journal article
51 The epidemiology of community acquired bacteremic pneumonia, due to streptococcus pneumoniae, in the top end of the Northern Territory, Australia - over 22 years 2011 Jacups, S.P. Cheng, A. Journal article
52 Milingimbi healthy homes & skin week 2011 Coppa, K. Wurrulnga, E. Kopczynski, A. Conference presentation
53 Differential effects of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 on remote and Indigenous groups, Northern Territory, Australia, 2009 2011 Trauer, J.M. Laurie, K.L. McDonnell, J. Kelso, A. Markey, P.G. Journal article
54 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the development of pandemic influenza containment strategies: community voices and community control 2011 Massey, P.D. Miller, A. Saggers, S. Durrheim, D.N. Speare, R. Taylor, K. Pearce, G. Odo, T. Broome, J. Judd, J. Kelly, J. Blackley, M. Clough, A. Journal article
55 Skin disease in the first two years of life in Aboriginal children in East Arnhem Land 2011 McMeniman, E. Holden, L. Kearns, T. Clucas, D.B. Carapetis, J.R. Currie, B.J. Connors, C. Andrews, R.M. Journal article
56 Strategies to reduce the risk of influenza for families 2011 Influenza studies with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities Electronic source
57 Chronic disease and hospitalisation for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Western Australians 2011 Goggin, L.S. Carcione, D. Mak, D.B. Dowse, G.K. Giele, C.M. Smith, D.W. Effler, P.V. Journal article
58 Listening to Indigenous community voices 2011 Speare, R. Conference presentation
59 Influenza studies with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: introduction to research project 2011 Miller, A. Conference presentation
60 Advocacy in the health sector and strategies to mobilise Indigenous communities and rural and remote Australia 2011 Calma, T. Conference presentation
Last updated: 20 July 2017
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