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No Title Year Author Type
41 Australia's notifiable diseases status, 2003: annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System 2005 Miller, M. Roche, P. Yohannes, K. Spencer, J. Bartlett, M. Brotherton, J. Hutchinson, J. Kirk, M. McDonald, A. Vadjic, C. Journal article
42 Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori in Indigenous Western Australians: comparison between urban and remote rural populations [letter] 2005 Mayers, N. R. Couzos, S. Murray, R. Daniels, J. Journal article
43 Changing epidemiology of intussusception in Australia 2005 Justice, F. Carlin, J.B. Bines, J. Journal article
44 Strongyloidiasis: a review of the evidence for Australian practitioners 2005 Johnston, F. H. Morris, P. S. Speare, R. McCarthy, J. Currie, B. Ewald, D. Page, W. Dempsey, K. Journal article
45 Strongyloides serology - useful for diagnosis and management of strongyloidiasis in rural Indigenous populations, but important gaps in knowledge remain 2004 Speare, R. Durrheim, D.N. Online journal article
46 Report on Mitwatj strongyloidiasis study: implementing best practice in the eradication of chronic strongyloidiasis for clients of Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation 2004 Page, W. Dempsey, K. Report
47 Hereditary pancreatitis in a family of Aboriginal descent 2004 McGaughran, J. M. Kimble, R. Upton, J. George, P. Journal article
48 C-reactive protein, cardiovascular risk, and renal disease in a remote Australian Aboriginal community 2004 McDonald, S. Maguire, G. Duarte, N. Wang, X. L. Hoy, W. Journal article
49 Recurrent gastroenteritis among infants in Western Australia: a seven-year hospital-based cohort study 2004 Lee, A. H. Flexman, J. Wang, K. Yau, K. K. Journal article
50 Hospitalisation for gastroenteritis in Western Australia 2004 Gracey, M. Lee, A. H. Yau, K. K. Journal article
51 Factors influencing hospitalisation of infants for recurrent gastroenteritis in Western Australia 2003 Wang, K. Yau, K. K. Lee, A., H. Journal article
52 Conditions affecting children 2003 Tropical Health Working Group of the Top End Division of General Practice Book section
53 Infestations and fungal infections 2003 Tropical Health Working Group of the Top End Division of General Practice Book section
54 The health of Indigenous Australians 2003 Edited book
55 Factors affecting length of hospitalisation of infants and children for recurrent gastroenteritis in Western Australia 2003 Lee, A. H. Wang, K. Gracey, M. Yau, K. K. Journal article
56 Increasing nitric oxide production in acute diarrhoea is associated with abnormal gut permeability, hypokalaemia and malnutrition in tropical Australian Aboriginal children 2003 Kukuruzovic, R. Brewster, D. Gray, E. Anstey, N. Journal article
57 Gastroenteritis and environmental health among Aboriginal infants and children in Western Australia 2003 Gracey, M. Cullinane, J. Journal article
58 Enteric diseases in the Northern Territory: first quarter report, January - March 2003 2003 Dempsey, K. Journal article
59 Gastroenteritis prevention: improving the health of young Indigenous populations 2003 Dean, J. Journal article
60 Unique pattern of urinary tract calculi in Australian Aboriginal children 2003 Carson, P.J. Brewster, D.R. Journal article
Last updated: 21 January 2018
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