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No Title Year Author Type
41 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health report card 2012-2013: the healthy early years - getting the right start in life 2013 Australian Medical Association Report
42 Injuries to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 2013 Kidsafe WA Journal article
43 Introduction to acquired communication disorder following strokes and traumatic brain injury 2013 Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health Report
44 What works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage: key learnings and gaps in the evidence: 2011-12: appendix B-D 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australian Institute of Family Studies Report
45 A comparison between Australian football league (AFL) injuries in Australian Indigenous versus non-indigenous players 2013 Orchad, J. Orchard, J. Seward, H. Journal article
46 Annual report: deaths of children and young people, Queensland 2012–13 2013 Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Report
47 Alcohol restrictions and drink driving in remote Indigenous communities in Queensland, Australia 2013 Fitts, M.S. Palk, G.R. Jacups, S.P. Conference presentation
48 Why do Indigenous Australians drink and drive? A qualitative exploration of self-reported influences on drink driving behaviours of Indigenous peoples from remote communities 2013 Fitts, M.S. Palk, G.R. Lennon, A.J. Clough, A.R. Conference presentation
49 Applied professional practice in public health: promoting equitable health services delivery through evaluation and research 2013 Maher, L. Thesis
50 A comparison of methods to identify alcohol involvement in youth injury-related emergency department presentation data 2013 Vallmuur, K. Limbong, J. Barker, R. Hides, L. Journal article
51 Improving services with families: “a perfect project in an imperfect system” 2013 Evans, M. Report
52 Reducing vulnerability to harm in adults with cognitive disabilities in the Australian criminal justice system 2013 Baldry, E. Clarence, M. Dowse, L. Trollor, J. Journal article
53 Alcohol consumption and related harm in South Australia: summary of available data 2013 Longo, M. Cooke, R. Report
54 Summary of injury among Indigenous people 2013 MacRae, A. Thomson, N. Potter, C. Anomie Report
55 Indigenous family violence: an attempt to understand the problems and inform appropriate and effective responses to criminal justice system intervention 2012 Day, A. Jones, R. Nakata, M. McDermott, D. Journal article
56 Suboptimal anti-epilepsy drug use is common among Indigenous patients with seizures presenting to the emergency department 2012 Wilson, I.B. Hawkins, S. Green, S. Archer, J.S. Journal article
57 A cross-sectional survey of prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among prisoners in New South Wales, Australia 2012 Larney, S. Topp, L. Devon Indig, O'Driscoll, C. Greenberg, D. Online journal article
58 Homicide among Indigenous South Australians: a forty-year study (1969–2008) 2012 Temlett, J. Journal article
59 Overview of Australian Indigenous health status, 2011 2012 Thomson, N. MacRae, A. Brankovich, J. Burns, J. Catto, M. Gray, C, Levitan, L. Maling, C. Potter, C. Ride, K. Stumpers, S. Urquhart, B. Report
60 Mental disorders and communication of intent to die in Indigenous suicide cases, Queensland, Australia 2012 De Leo, D. Milner, A. Sveticic, J. Journal article
Last updated: 20 March 2018
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