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No Title Year Author Type
21 Evaluation of the Thriving Communities program in six Kimberley communities: final report 2013 KPMG Australia Report
22 Better rural health through research? 2013 Perkins, D. Journal article
23 Exploring productivity and collaboration in Australian Indigenous health research, 1995--2008 2013 Rumbold, A.R. Cunningham, J. Purbrick, B. Lewis, J.M. Online journal article
24 Yarning/Aboriginal storytelling: towards an understanding of an Indigenous perspective and its implications for research practice 2013 Geia, L.K. Hayes, B. Usher, K. Journal article
25 Mailed versus frozen transport of nasal swabs for surveillance of respiratory bacteria in remote Indigenous communities in Australia 2013 O'Grady, K-A, F. Whiley, D.M. Torzillo, P.J. Sloots, T.P. Lambert, S.B. Online journal article
26 National Indigenous Cancer Network (NICaN) roundtable 2013 summary report 2013 Menzies School of Health Research Report
27 Celebrating strength: the role of resilience in responding to blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections among Indigenous communities 2013 Shipp, M. Wilkes, E. Kaldor, K. Gray, D. Journal article
28 Building Indigenous Australian research capacity 2013 Elston, J.K. Saunders, V. Hayes, B. Bainbridge, R. McCoy, B. Journal article
29 Coming to an ethics of research practice in a remote Aboriginal Australian community 2013 Bainbridge, R. Tsey, K. Brown, C. McCalman, J. Cadet-James, Y. Margolis, S. Ypinazar, V. Journal article
30 Evaluating the effectiveness of a multifaceted, multilevel continuous quality improvement program in primary health care: developing a realist theory of change 2013 Schierhout, G. Hains, J. Si, D. Kennedy, C. Cox, R. Kwedza, R. O’Donoghue, L. Fittock, M. Brands, J. Lonergan, K. Dowden, M. Bailie, R. Online journal article
Last updated: 25 September 2016
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