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41 AusDiab 2012 : the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle study 2013 Tanamas, S.K. Magliano, D.J. Lynch, B. Sethi, P. Willenberg, L. Polkinghorne, K.R. Chadban, S. Dunstan, D. Shaw, J.E. Report
42 Leontiasis ossea: a presentation of hyperparathyroidism in an Indigenous Australian man secondary to chronic renal failure 2013 Collum, J. Jones, R.H.B. Lynham, A. Hirst, J. Journal article
43 Charting a comprehensive approach to tackling kidney disease: “proposals to guide increased risk assessment, support early detection and improve the treatment of kidney disease”: pre-budget submission 2013-2014 federal budget 2013 Kidney Health Australia Report
44 Tackling kidney disease: a national action plan to reduce Australia's kidney disease burden 2013 Kidney Health Australia Report
45 Nutritional status of haemodialysis patients: comparison of Australian cohorts of Aboriginal and European descent 2013 Todd, A. Carroll, R. Gallagher, M. Meade, A. Journal article
46 Overview of the health of Indigenous people in Western Australia 2013 2013 Anomie MacRae, A. Burns, J. Poynton, M. D'Costa, B. Ride, K. Gray, C. Thomson, N. Hoareau, J. Trzesinski, A. Levitan, L. Report
47 The Baker IDI Central Australia Oration: a public lecture by Mr Warren Mundine 2013 Mundine, W. Conference paper
48 The health outcomes and costs of people attending an interdisciplinary chronic disease service in regional Australia: protocol for a longitudinal cohort investigation 2013 Tyack, Z. Frakes, K-A. Cornwell, P. Kuys, S.S. Barnett, A.G. McPhail, S.M. Online journal article
49 Chronic kidney disease: regional variation in Australia 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
50 Vital Signs 2013: the state of safety and quality in Australian health care 2013 Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Report
51 Service providers' perspectives, attitudes and beliefs on health services delivery for Aboriginal people receiving haemodialysis in rural Australia: a qualitative study 2013 Rix, E.F. Barclay, L. Wilson, S. Stirling, J. Tong, A. Online journal article
52 Chronic disease care in remote Aboriginal Australia has been transformed 2013 Hoy, W.E. Online journal article
53 Kimberley healthy adults project: guides for clinicians 2013 National Ageing Research Institute Report
54 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey: first results, Australia, 2012-13 2013 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
55 Addressing chronic kidney disease in far north Queensland: gains and opportunities 2013 Vos, L. Baer, R. McDonald, M. Journal article
56 Reduced nephron endowment in the neonates of Indigenous Australian peoples 2013 Kandasamy, Y. Smith, R. Wright, I.M.R. Lumbers, E.R. Journal article
57 Developmental origins of chronic renal disease: an integrative hypothesis 2013 Boubred, F. Saint-Faust, M. Buffat, C. Ligi, I. Grandvuillemin, I. Simeoni, U. Online journal article
58 Extensive diversity of streptococcus pyogenes in a remote human population reflects global-scale transmission rather than localised diversification 2013 Towers, R.J. Carapetis, J.R. Currie, B.J. Davies, M.R. Walker, M.J. Online journal article
59 Renal biopsy among Indigenous Australians [letter] 2013 Woo, K.T. Wong, K.S. Choong, H. Foo, M. Chan, C.M. Journal article
60 The renin–angiotensin system from conception to old age: the good, the bad and the ugly 2013 Lumbers, E.R. Pringle, K.G. Wang, Y. Gibson, K.J. Journal article
Last updated: 14 December 2017
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