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281 Demonstration of previously undetected hepatitis B viral determinants in an Australian Aboriginal population by monoclonal anti-HBs antibody radioimmunoassays 1993 Wands, J. R. Marciniak, R. A. Isselbacher, K. J. Varghese, M. Don, G. Halliday, J. W. Powell, L. W. Journal article
282 Hepatitis B transmission and skin infections [letter] 1993 Wan, X. Mathews, J. D. Guthridge, S. Journal article
283 Acute hepatitis B infection in Aboriginal Australians 1993 Wan, X. Currie, B. Miller, N. Mathews, J. Journal article
284 Hepatitis B vaccination of high-risk neonates in the South West region of New South Wales: evaluation of program coverage 1993 Riley, R. Maher, C. Kolbe, A. Journal article
285 Changing prevalence of hepatitis B virus in urbanised Australian Aborigines 1993 Patterson, F. Bumak, J. Batey, R. Journal article
286 Hepatitis B among non-traditional Australian Aborigines living in central and south-eastern New South Wales 1993 Patterson, F. Thesis
287 Antibody to hepatitis C virus in non A non B hepatitis patients and Aborigines 1993 Luo, C. Thesis
288 Clinical aspects of hepatitis C virus infection in the Top End 1993 LeMire, M. Currie, B. Journal article
289 Factors associated with hepatitis B infection 1993 Hart, G. Journal article
290 Hepatitis B in urban Australian schoolchildren 1993 Burgess, M. A. McIntohsh, E. D. G. Allars, H. M. Kenrick, K. G. Journal article
Last updated: 25 September 2016
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