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No Title Year Author Type
271 Australian social trends 2004 2004 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
272 Birthing business in the bush 2004 Kildea, S. Wardaguga, M. Dawumal, M. Maningrida Women Electronic source
273 The association between birthweight and current blood pressure: a cross-sectional study in an Australian Aboriginal community 2003 Singh, G. R. Hoy, W. E. Journal article
274 Shared antenatal care for Indigenous patients in a rural and remote community 2003 Nel, P. Pashen, D. Journal article
275 The essentialness of a homelands birthing programme for the community of Palm Island 2003 Budzyn, A. Journal article
276 Births, Australia, 2002 2003 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
277 Births, Australia, 2001 2002 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
278 Teenage pregnancy: trends, characteristics and outcomes in South Australia and Australia 2002 van der Klis, K. A. M. Westenberg, L. Chan, A. Dekker, G. Keane, R. J. Journal article
279 Births, Australia, 2000 2001 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
280 Births, Australia, 1999 2000 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
Last updated: 26 August 2016
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