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No Title Year Author Type
231 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult health check-towards improving it for remote practitioners 2007 Burgess, C. Conference presentation
232 Improving the management of chronic conditions of Indigenous Australians through Indigenous research 2007 Giles, G. Malin, M. Harvey, P. Conference presentation
233 Pathways to detention 2007 Barrett, S. Thesis
234 Audit and Best Practice for Chronic Disease : project final report 2007 Bailie, R.S. Si, D. Dowden, M. Lonergan, K. Report
235 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in ethical review of health research [letter] 2006 Stewart, P. Shibasaki, S. Anderson, A. Pyett, P. Dunbar, T. Devitt, J. Journal article
236 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in the ethical review of health research 2006 Stewart, P. Anderson, I. Dunbar, T. Shibasaki, S. Pyett, P. Devitt, J. Journal article
237 Synthesising estimates of Indigenous child health based on the WA Aboriginal Child Health Survey 2006 Rawnsley, T. Dexter, S. Palin, K. Report
238 Keeping research on track: a guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about health research ethics 2006 National Health and Medical Research Council Report
239 Indigenous health research: changes in 60 years [letter] 2006 Jamieson, L. M. Sayers, S. M. Journal article
240 Indigenous identification in hospital separation data [letter] 2006 Jamieson, L. M. Roberts-Thomson, K. F. Journal article
Last updated: 26 May 2015
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