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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
20361 Petrol sniffing among Aboriginal Australians: a resource manual 1981 Morice, R. Swift, H. Brady, M. Book
20362 The psychological effects of petrol sniffing 1981 Morice, R. Swift, H. Brady, M. Book section
20363 Social and psychological dimensions of intervention: Aboriginal communities 1981 Morice, R. Swift, H. Brady, M. Book section
20364 Depression before the whiteman 1981 Morice, R. Journal article
20365 Australian Aborigines 1981 Moodie, P.M. Book section
20366 Ten fish for one man: some Anbarra attitudes towards food and health 1981 Meehan, B. Book section
20367 A medical view of social aspects of living in a north Australian community 1981 McConnel, F. B. Journal article
20368 Physiological, demographic and genetic adaptation of Australian Aboriginals 1981 Kirk, R. L. Book section
20369 Aboriginal health care: between givers and receivers: a cultural chasm 1981 Kamien, M. Journal article
20370 A syphilis epidemic in a Northern Territory Aboriginal community 1981 Jacobs, D. S. Journal article
Last updated: 26 November 2015
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