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No Title Year Author Type
11 Specialist Homelessness Services Collection: December quarter 2011 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
12 Social resilience: challenging neo-colonial thinking and practices around ‘risk' 2012 Gale, F. Bolzan, N. Online journal article
13 Exploring the expression of depression and distress in Aboriginal men in Central Australia: a qualitative study 2012 Brown, A. Scales, U. Beever, W. Rickards, B. Rowley, K. O'Dea, K. Online journal article
14 Mibbinbah, a safe space to find your voice 2012 Bulman, J. Journal article
15 Identifying barriers to building organisational capacity: a study of an Indigenous men's shed 2012 McNeil, N. Cavanagh, J. Bartram, T. Leggat, S.G. Journal article
16 Aboriginal men's health strategy 2012-2015 2012 Aboriginal Health Report
17 Cancer directory 2012 Cancer Council NSW Electronic source
18 Bridging the Indigenous health divide: football and men engaging 2012 McCoy, B.F. Online journal article
19 Indigenous studies and race relations in Australian sports 2012 Hallinan, C. Judd, B. Online journal article
20 'The last frontier' : practice guidelines for treatment of complex trauma and trauma informed care and service delivery 2012 Kezelman, C.A. Stavropoulos, P.A. Report
Last updated: 27 September 2016
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