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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
11 Folate status and health behaviours in two Australian Indigenous populations in north Queensland 2012 Li, M. McDermott, R. D'Onise, K. Leonard, D. Journal article
12 Mental disorders and communication of intent to die in Indigenous suicide cases, Queensland, Australia 2012 De Leo, D. Milner, A. Sveticic, J. Journal article
13 Role and expectations of rural-remote and Indigenous local government 2012 Morton, A. Report
14 Use of the Westerman Aboriginal Symptoms Checklist - Youth (WASC-Y) to screen for mental health problems in Indigenous youth in custody 2012 Stathis, S.L. Doolan, I. Letters, P. Arnett, A. Cory, S. Quinlan, L. Journal article
15 The first year counts: cancer survival among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queenslanders, 1997–2006 2012 Cramb, S.M. Garvey, G. Valery, P.C. Williamson, J.D. Baade, P.D. Journal article
16 Bridging the gap between theory and practice in climate change vulnerability assessments for remote Indigenous communities in northern Australia 2012 Green, D. Niall, S. Morrison, J. Journal article
17 Risk and protective factors associated with gambling products and services: Indigenous gamblers in north Queensland 2012 Breen, H. Journal article
18 Early Childhood Nutrition and Anaemia Prevention Project 2012 Aquino, D. Journal article
19 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia programs 2012 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Electronic source
20 Is income management working? 2012 Buckmaster, L. Ey, C. Report
Last updated: 25 September 2016
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