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21 Investigating a cluster of vulvar cancer in young women: a cross-sectional study of genital human papillomavirus prevalence 2012 Rumbold, A.R. Tan, S.E. Condon, J.R. Taylor-Thomson, D. Nickels, M. Tabrizi, S.N. Davy, M.L. O'Brien, M.M. Connors, C.M. Zardawi, I. Stankovich, J. Garland, S.M. Online journal article
22 Trichomonas vaginalis prevalence increases with remoteness in rural and remote New South Wales, Australia 2012 Ryder, N. Woods, H. McKay, K. Giddings, N. Lenton, J. Little, C. Jeoffreys, N. McNulty, A.M. Journal article
23 HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual surveillance report 2012 2012 The Kirby Institute Report
24 Bloodborne viral and sexually transmitted infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: surveillance and evaluation report 2012 2012 The Kirby Institute Report
25 Polycystic ovary syndrome: an update 2012 Boyle, J. Teede, H.J. Journal article
26 HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual report of trends in behaviour 2012 2012 de Wit, J. Holt, M. Treloar, C. (Eds.) Report
27 Improvement in antenatal testing for sexually transmissible infections and blood-borne viruses in Western Australian hospitals, 2007 to 2010 2012 Kwan, K.S.H. Giele, C.M. Combs, B. Mak, D.B. Journal article
28 National blood-borne virus and sexually transmissible infections surveillance and monitoring report, 2011 2012 The Kirby Institute Report
29 Sexual health in Indigenous communities [editorial] 2012 Fairley, C.K. Hocking, J.S. Journal article
30 Epidemiology of chlamydia and gonorrhoea among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, 2000–2009 2012 Graham, S. Guy, R.J. Donovan, B. McManus, H. Su, J-Y. El-Hayek, C. Kwan, K.S.H. Dyda, A. Wand, H.C. Ward, J.S. Journal article
31 Chlamydia sentinel surveillance in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services finds higher testing and positivity rates among younger people 2012 Goller, J.L. Ward, J. Saunders, M. Couzos, S. Kaldor, J. Hellard, M.A. Journal article
32 Menopause and the influence of culture: another gap for Indigenous Australian women? 2012 Jones, E.K. Jurgenson, J.R. Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Thompson, S.C. Online journal article
33 Focussing on the "rights" rather than wrongs of young Indigenous people 2012 Ward, J. Conference presentation
34 Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice 2012 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Book
35 Frequent occurrence of undiagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease in remote communities of central Australia 2012 Silver, B.J. Knox, J. Smith, K.S. Ward, J.S. Boyle, J. Guy, R.J. Kaldor, J. Rumbold, A.R. Journal article
36 Sexual health facts, figures, future 2012 Marshall, L. Conference presentation
37 Knowledge, power and the third space 2012 Forrest, S. Conference presentation
38 Engaging young people in the Great Southern region of Western Australia 2012 Stevenson, C. Watson, C. Conference presentation
39 Nurturing Noongar Boodjari Yorgas through pregnancy 2012 Gibson, A. Mackell, J. Conference presentation
40 TTANGO (Test, Treat and Go). A randomised trial of point-of-care tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections in remote Aboriginal communities 2012 Natoli, L. Badman, S. Conference presentation
Last updated: 24 March 2018
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