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1851 Adiposity in Aboriginal people from Arnhem Land, Australia: variation in degree and distribution associated with age, sex and lifestyle 1994 Jones, C. White, N. Journal article
1852 The little red, yellow and black [and green and blue and white] book 1994 Jonas, B. Langton, M. staff, A. Book
1853 White dreaming: stereotypes of Aboriginal people in medical practice 1994 Hunter, E. Fagan, P. Journal article
1854 Aboriginal culture and the doctor-patient relationship 1994 Hill, P. Journal article
1855 A healing place: Indigenous visions for personal empowerment and community recovery 1994 Hazlehurst, K. M. Book
1856 Attitude change amongst nursing students towards Australian Aborigines 1994 Hayes, L. Quine, S. Bush, S. Journal article
1857 M5 East motorway: Aboriginal and European heritage 1994 Hagland and Associates Thorp, W. Report
1858 Aboriginal ill health: the harvest of injustice 1994 Gray, D. Saggers, S. Book section
1859 Service issues for people with double disadvantage 1994 Gething, L. Book section
1860 Culturally appropriate evaluation of Aboriginal health promotion projects 1994 Garrow, B. A. Thesis
Last updated: 28 June 2016
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