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No Title Year Author Type
1071 Two ways together: partnerships, a new way of doing business with Aboriginal people: New South Wales Aboriginal Affairs plan 2003-2012 2001 New South Wales Government Report
1072 NAHS Environmental Health Program 2001 Morton, A. Conference presentation
1073 Renewable energy options for hot water systems in remote areas 2001 Lloyd, C. R. Journal article
1074 A bibliography of Indigenous housing issues 2001 Kelleher, J. Report
1075 Far West Area Health Service - Aboriginal & Environmental Health Projects 2001 Irvine, A. Conference presentation
1076 Review of the 1994 water report 2001 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Report
1077 Health-related housing and infrastructure: relative need of communities and ATSIC regions in the Northern Territory 2001 Hoffmann, B. Bailie, R. Report
1078 Proposed health service zones: health related housing and infrastructure in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities 2001 Hoffmann, B. Bailie, R. Report
1079 Building a better future: Indigenous housing to 2010 2001 HMAC Standing Committee on Indigenous Housing Report
1080 Achieving safe, healthy and sustainable housing 2001 Hill, K. Conference presentation
Last updated: 29 July 2015
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