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1 Dental workforce 2012 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
2 Prevalence, extent and severity of severe periodontal destruction in an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population 2014 Roberts-Thomson, K. Do, L. Bartold, P. Daniels, J. Grosse, A. Meihubers, S. Journal article
3 Periodontal disease and dental caries among Indigenous Australians living in the Northern Territory, Australia 2014 Kapellas, K. Skilton, M. Maple-Brown, L. Do, L. Bartold, P. O'Dea, K. Brown, A. Celermajer, D. Jamieson, L. Journal article
4 An evaluation of the discriminant and predictive validity of relative social disadvantage as screening criteria for priority access to public general dental care, in Australia 2014 Jones, K. Online journal article
5 Associations between periodontal disease and cardiovascular surrogate measures among Indigenous Australians 2014 Kapellas, K. Jamieson, L.M. Do, L.G. Bartold, P.M. Maple-Brown, L.J. Sullivan, D. O’Dea, K. Brown, A. Celermajer, D.S. Slade, G.D. Skilton, M.R. Journal article
6 Self-efficacy and self-rated oral health among pregnant aboriginal Australian women 2014 Jamieson, L.M. Parker, E.J. Roberts-Thomson, K.F. Lawrence, H.P. Broughton, J. Online journal article
7 Oral health behaviours and perceptions reported by Indigenous Australians living in Darwin, Northern Territory 2014 Amarasena, N. Kapellas, K. Skilton, M. Maple-Brown, L. Brown, A. Bartold, P.M. O'Dea, K. Celermajer, D. Slade, G. Jamieson, L.M. Journal article
8 Functional dental occlusion: an anthropological perspective and implications for practice 2014 Kaidonis, J.A. Ranjitkar, S. Lekkas, D. Brook, A.H. Townsend, G.C. Journal article
9 Development and psychometric validation of a Health Literacy in Dentistry scale (HeLD) 2014 Jones, K. Parker, E. Mills, H. Brennan, D. Jamieson, L.M. Journal article
10 Effect of a periodontal intervention on pulse wave velocity in Indigenous Australians with periodontal disease: the PerioCardio randomized controlled trial 2014 Kapellas, K. Maple-Brown, L.J. Bartold, P.M. Brown, A. O'Dea, K. Slade, G.D. Celermajer, D.S. Jamieson, L.M. Skilton, M.R. Journal article
11 Variation in natural head position and establishing corrected head position 2014 Barbera, A.L. Sampson, W.J. Townsend, G.C. Journal article
12 Effectiveness of water fluoridation in caries reduction in a remote Indigenous community in Far North Queensland 2014 Johnson, N. Lalloo, R. Kroon, J. Fernando, S. Tut, O. Journal article
13 Developing leaflets to give dental health advice to Aboriginal families with young children 2014 Blinkhorn, F. Wallace, J. Smith, L. Blinkhorn, A.S. Journal article
14 Disparities in dental insurance coverage among hospitalised Western Australian children 2014 Alsharif, A.T. Kruger, E. Tennant, M. Journal article
15 A decade of experience evolving visiting dental services in partnership with rural remote Aboriginal communities 2014 Dyson, K. Kruger, E. Tennant, M. Journal article
16 Self-rated oral health and oral health-related factors: the role of social inequality 2014 Mejia, G. Armfield, J. Jamieson, L. Journal article
17 Oral health – an important target for public policy? 2014 McLean, L. Journal article
18 Oral health impacts and quality of life in an urban homeless population 2014 Ford, P.J. Cramb, S. Farah, C.S. Journal article
19 Intrinsic rewards experienced by a group of dentists working with underserved populations 2014 Gardner, S.P. Roberts-Thompson, K.F. Winning, T.A. Peterson, R. Journal article
20 Effect of periodontal therapy on arterial structure and function among Aboriginal Australians: a randomized, controlled trial 2014 Kapellas, K. Maple-Brown, L.J. Jamieson, L.M. Do, L.G. O’Dea, K. Brown, A. Cai, T.Y. Anstey, N.M. Sullivan, D.R. Wang, H. Celermajer, D.S. Slade, G.D. Skilton, M.R. Journal article
Last updated: 25 February 2018
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