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spacing1What do we know about injury among Indigenous people?

Injury can include both physical harm and non-physical harm, [1] but in public health terms, injury generally refers to physical harm to a person's body [2] including:

Culture and everyday life situations for Indigenous people can affect the types of injuries and the frequency of injuries experienced. Some factors that can increase the risk of injury include:

Indigenous people were more likely than other Australians to be admitted to hospital for injuries in 2012-2013 [4]. Injury was the most common reason for Indigenous hospital admissions (after dialysis). The main causes of Indigenous injury-related hospital admissions were medical complications, assault, and falls.

In 2012, injury was the third most common cause of death for Indigenous people [5]. The most common causes of injury-related death for Indigenous people were suicide and transport accidents. Indigenous people were more than twice as likely as non-Indigenous people to die from suicide and almost three times as likely to die from traffic accidents.


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Last updated: 17 June 2015
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