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SBS podcast interview on raising awareness of FASD in Indigenous communities

Date posted: 30 July 2012

A recent SBS podcast, hosted by Peggy Giakoumelos, covers the topic of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

FASD is the leading cause of developmental and intellectual disabilities in western countries, according to the National Drug Research Institute. Indigenous Australian infants are around 15 times more likely to be affected by the disorder than non-Indigenous Australian infants.

The Director of the National Indigenous Corporation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Education Network (NICFASEN), Lorian Hayes, is interviewed in this podcast. NICFASEN were one of the national organisations that contributed to a Federal Government inquiry on FASD.

The parliamentary inquiry into Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders will report on the incidence and prevention of FASD, having accepted submissions up until March this year.

Ms Hayes says she wants to see a different approach used to raise awareness of FASD among Indigenous Australians. She advocates for long term education programs targeting the whole community, which have proven to be more effective in Indigenous communities. She also discusses treating individuals in a holistic manner, taking into consideration their childhood environment and family history.

Source: World News Australia (SBS)


Last updated: 25 March 2014
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