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Call to cull wild dogs in Kakadu

Date posted: 23 July 2012

The operator of a business in Kakudu National Park says a culling program is needed to tackle the rising number of cross-bred dingoes in the area.

A 13-year-old girl from Victoria woke to find a dingo tearing at her sleeping bag while camping at the Jabiru caravan park on the weekend.

Caravan park operator Peter Wilson says it is the first time he has heard of wild dogs entering camp sites in the park. He says the animals have become wary of traps.

'It is a learned behaviour,' he said. 'Dogs are very very smart. We have had the council being proactive here and setting in traps for the dogs. I have actually watched them of a night time just rub themselves up and down the cage, sort of thinking, well I know what's in there but if I go in I'm not going to come out.'

The West Arnhem Shire Council says it will organise a feral dog cull using professionals in the Jabiru area. The council says it already has several measures in place to control feral dog numbers, including patrols and traps.

It says the cull is likely to take place in the next four weeks.

Source: ABC


Last updated: 23 July 2012
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