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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Healthy eating on the menu in north west

Date posted: 15 May 2012

It is hoped the success of a healthy food program at Walgett and Lightning Ridge will encourage more businesses to make healthy changes to their menus.

A survey of food outlets in the Walgett Shire last year found there is more unhealthy food available than nutritious options. I'm Not Fussy, a company that runs healthy lifestyle education programs, has launched the Alive and well initiative in the towns identifying restaurants and cafes that are trying to increase the availability of healthy foods. 

The chief executive, Rebel Black, says cafe and restaurant owners have made small changes such as offering salads and vegetables as a side dish instead of chips and changing the type of cooking oil used.

Ms Black says the new branding will allow the businesses involved to advertise to customers that they are making an effort to improve their menus.  'If those people start to see a greater traffic through their business because they're being promoted through the Area Health Service or through the division of the Aboriginal Medical Services to say these are the places to go and these are the foods to eat, then other businesses will be observing that thinking, how do I get on board?'

Source: ABC News


Last updated: 17 May 2012
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