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Yalata support for alcohol changes

Date posted: 5 June 2014

The Yalata community, in South Australia, addressed its ongoing issues relating to alcohol use among community members at a meeting last Wednesday.

Acting Liquor Licensing Commissioner, Dini Soulio, was present at the meeting, where measures to tackle ongoing alcohol use among community members who travel to Ceduna were discussed.

While there was support, though no votes were cast, to restrict spirit sales to one per day within Ceduna, and a ban on casks, the Yalata community did not get behind a proposed ban on alcohol sales for people from dry communities on the Far West Coast.

There is also ongoing support for the Yalata community to continue being a dry zone.

Yalata community Chief Executive Officer, Greg Franks, said the community don't believe in punishing everyone and should target those who need help. 'What the community do want is support for people with a severe drinking problem,' he said.

The Yalata community wrote a letter to the Ceduna District Council earlier this month to meet and further discuss alcohol issues at Ceduna's invitation.

Source: West Coast Sentinel


Last updated: 2 June 2014
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