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Stand together against racism (STAR) project fighting racism in health care and health professional education

Date posted: 18 September 2013

The Standing together against racism (STAR) project supports Australia's new anti-racism strategy - Racism: it stops with me, by taking a hard stance on racism inside the health care industry.

STAR was begun by students and staff at the School of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University, Queensland. They had come across many fellow students and colleagues who wanted to show their opposition to racism, so they initiated The STAR project as a way that students and staff could show that they stand together against racism.

For Indigenous peoples racism has been found to be a fundamental driver of health. Pathways from racism to ill-health may include:

The STAR project aims to be a dignified way of standing together against racism, by wearing the STAR badge. The STAR project is realistic - wearing a badge will not solve all the problems with racism in health care. Racism goes much deeper than those everyday, cruel comments and acts that patients might experience. However, the more people who wear a STAR the less comfortable it will be for racism. Health services should be safe places, free from discrimination, for patients, families, staff and students.

Source: The STAR project, NACCHO Communique


The STAR project


Last updated: 20 April 2015
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