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Mobile health screening van success

Date posted: 22 April 2013

The HealtheScreen4KIDS van, a mobile health screening van for children, recently made a visit to the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane to share with staff its importance in helping to improve the health of children living in Cherbourg, an Indigenous community 250 kilometres northwest of Brisbane in Queensland (Qld).

The van, co-funded by the Children's Health Foundation Queensland, is equipped for onboard hearing and vision assessments of children, plus has wireless telecommunication which enables specialists in Brisbane to assess children using information collected by specially trained health workers in the community.

HealtheScreen4KIDS van, based in Cherbourg and operated by a dedicated local Indigenous health worker, has been servicing the community since February 2009. During the van's first three years of operation, 1,053 children were registered with the service, and 2,111 screening assessments were carried out at 21 schools in the region. The average screening rate achieved in the community was 85%. More than half of all assessments resulted in a referral to a ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist for online assessment, or the local doctor for treatment. Overall, 55% of all online review cases resulted in appointments at the next ENT outreach clinic for further review or surgery. ENT outreach clinics, where the specialist team travels to Cherbourg, are held every six months.

The HealtheScreen4KIDS van is hoping to increase the overall screening rate to above 90% of all Indigenous children in the Cherbourg region.

Source: Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute


Last updated: 22 April 2013
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