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Remote housing needs integrated approach: CDU researchers

Date posted: 12 March 2013

A Charles Darwin University (CDU) research project investigating the provision of remote housing has found that Indigenous people and governments would benefit if 'whole-of-government, whole-of-community' approaches were practised.

Matthew Campbell of CDU said the findings from the Better housing research showed that both Indigenous people and government agencies recognised that housing, health, education, employment and community development were inextricably linked, and that such an approach would allow decisions that affected Indigenous community members to be made with reference to each other.

Mr Campbell said a return to something similar to the old community councils, where an identified group would work on an integrated assessment of government business, would be necessary for the integration between whole-of-government and whole-of-community to work.

'Regular times could be set aside for government-community meetings where all government related community business can be negotiated in a range of contexts,' he said.

'This might involve meetings with particular elected community representatives, or whole community level meetings, or just groups of affected people.'

The Better housing research project is one of five sub-projects of the broader More than a roof overhead research initiative funded by the Australian Research Council. Findings from the Better housing research project will be presented at a seminar in Darwin this week.

Source: Charles Darwin University


Last updated: 12 March 2013
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