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Dr Rob Ranzijn

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
St Bernards Road
Magill SA, 5072
Tel: (08) 8302 4468
Fax: (08) 8302 4729


Dr Rob Ranzijn is a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of South Australia. He completed his PhD on Successful ageing: Paths to psychological well-being in older adults in 1998. In that year, in association with Professor Gary Andrews from the Centre for Ageing Studies, he led a multi-disciplinary collaborative research project into aspects of the economics of ageing in South Australia (SA) for the Office for the Ageing SA.

In 2000-2001 he undertook collaborative research into the expectations of mature job-seekers, fear of crime in older adults, and Aboriginal aged care. In 2002 he led a project called Bounded choices, a university-wide collaborative research project into the limitations on decision-making in life transitions by older people. In 2002-2004 he led an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Discovery project into the intellectual capital of older workers.

He was the project leader of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council grant (2007-2008) to fund the project Towards cultural competence: Integrating Australian Indigenous content and pedagogies in psychology education. He was also a co-investigator in an ARC Indigenous Discovery grant (2007) led by Wendy Nolan to fund the project Patterns of engagement: The contexts, frequency and characteristics of psychological practice with Indigenous clients.

The psychology and Indigenous Australians project has resulted in numerous publications, including journal articles, edited conference proceedings, and a textbook Psychology and Indigenous Australians: Foundations of cultural competence (Ranzijn, McConnochie and Nolan, 2009, Palgrave Macmillan). More information about the project, including downloadable conference papers, can be accessed from the project website

Rob is a Fellow of the Australian Association of Gerontology and an International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

Last updated: 6 June 2013
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