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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin
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Western Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network

Western Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network (WAIHPN)

Background and operation of the WAIHPN

Welcome to the Western Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network (WAIHPN). The idea of establishing a formal network for people involved in Indigenous health promotion emerged from discussions at a workshop that preceded the Aboriginal Health, 2004 conference, held in Perth in July 2004. Based on the value of informal networking that occurred at the workshop (and at similar events), participants decided that their efforts could be enhanced by the formation of a formal Indigenous Health Promotion Network. To support this network the WAIHPN website was founded and developed to operate independently from the HealthInfoNet website.

After a major website redevelopment in 2008-2009, a substantial duplication of materials between the WA State section of the HealthInfoNet site and the WAIHPN website resulted. As a consequence of these changes, the format and use of the WAIHPN has since developed to function as one single web resource for people working, studying or interested in various Indigenous health issues by combining up-to-date web-based information and materials through the WA State section with the networking facility supported through the WAIHPN yarning place. This decision was made in consultation with the Western Australian Department of Health's Aboriginal Health Division, who enables the operation of the WAIHPN, to continue and develop through their ongoing support by way of special funds, for which the HealthInfoNet is most grateful.

The WA State section

On the WA State section of the HealthInfoNet site, information about new materials of relevance to Indigenous health promotion is made available. New information and materials relevant to Indigenous health promotion in WA are added to this web resource progressively. This section currently includes: reviews; health services; health promotion resources; practice resources, programs, projects; published resources such as journal articles, reports, conference presentations, policies and strategies; and information about and links to relevant organisations and other agencies. There is also a section dedicated to workforce issues including; upcoming courses and training, conferences, workshops and events, funding sources and job opportunities.

The WAIHPN yarning place

The WAIHPN yarning place provides electronic services to encourage information sharing and collaboration among the range of people involved in addressing Indigenous health promotion in WA. The ultimate goal of the WAIHPN yarning place is to improve the health of Indigenous Western Australians by enabling Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with an interest in Indigenous health promotion to share information, knowledge and experience - even when they live in different regions, come from different sectors (such as health, education and justice), and work for different organisations.

How do I join the WAIHPN yarning place?

To join the WAIHPN yarning place or to find out more about the WAIHPN yarning place and other yarning places on our site, visit the yarning place webpage.

Share your info

We encourage you to contribute to the WA State section and WAIHPN yarning place, and make it an active forum for sharing knowledge, information and experience with others working in Indigenous health promotion.

If you are aware of any materials that would be appropriate for inclusion on the WA State section we encourage you to please share your information with us.

To share material that is suitable for inclusion on the WA State section, you may do so by joining the WAIHPN yarning place (please see above) or alternatively you can select, complete and submit the details of your message on one of the forms from our Share your info page.

You may also wish to submit other types of information including general comments and constructive criticism through the Feedback webpage.

Last updated: 28 June 2016
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