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This section lists upcoming and past (last 6 months) conferences, workshops and events pertinent to Indigenous Australian health in Australia.

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet does not organise conferences itself or endorse any of the events listed. It provides a comprehensive listing of events that may be relevant to those working in or studying Indigenous health.

The conferences, workshops and events are listed by date, but you can select to list them by title, location, or content. The content of the conferences, workshops and events have been rated as follows:

  • Indigenous Indigenous specific
  • Some Indigenous content some Indigenous content
  • Possibility of Indigenous content Possibility of Indigenous content

HealthInfoNet cafe HealthInfoNet staff will run a HealthInfoNet café at conferences and events with this logo


No upcoming conferences found.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the conference or event, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Past conferences, workshops and events

Date Title Location Content
2015-06-01 Communicable disease control conference Brisbane, Queensland
2015-07-22 Australian Winter School conference Brisbane, Queensland
2015-09-09 The Kirby Institute symposium 2015 Sydney, New South Wales
2015-09-12 National leadership development seminar Canberra
2015-09-13 World STI & HIV 2015 congress Brisbane, Queensland
2015-09-16 Australasian HIV & AIDS conference 2015 Brisbane, Queensland
2015-09-26 Womens health workshop Brisbane, Queensland
2015-09-29 One21seventy Foundation training course Brisbane, Queensland
2015-11-17 WA Aboriginal sexual health forum Perth, Western Australia
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