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The need for better information and resources

The development of this web resource recognises the need to provide information on the current status of kidney health issues among Indigenous peoples. It is one component of the efforts required to improve the information and knowledge base necessary for the formulation of committed, long-term strategies and policies addressing the treatment and management of kidney health issues among Indigenous peoples.

Content of the Indigenous kidney health web resource

In aiming to provide access to good quality information and resources for people involved in addressing kidney health issues among Indigenous peoples, this web resource includes: reviews and background information; guidelines; health promotion resources; programs, projects and lessons; policies and strategies; publications; and information about and links to relevant organisations and other agencies. It also provides links to related HealthInfoNet pages - including ones on cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Development of the resource

Initial development of the Indigenous kidney health web resource was undertaken by the HealthInfoNet with the support of the Office for Aboriginal and Torres Islander Health (OATSIH) within the Australian Department of Health and Ageing. Re-structuring and updating that took place in the first half of 2007 was supported through a special one-off grant from OATSIH.

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