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The need for better information and resources

The development of this web resource recognises the urgent need to improve approaches to illicit drug use among Indigenous peoples. It is one component of the efforts required to improve the information and knowledge base necessary for the formulation of committed, long-term strategies and policies addressing the use of illicit drugs among Indigenous peoples.

Content of the Indigenous illicit drug use web resource

In aiming to provide access to good quality information and resources for people involved in addressing illicit drug use among Indigenous peoples, this web resource will include: reviews; guidelines; resources; programs, projects and lessons; policies and strategies; publications; and links. It will also include information about research activity, funding opportunities, organisations, agencies and individuals working in the field, news and events and training programs.

Sharing information about research and practice

The web resource also provides the capacity for people involved in the area to actively share their information and experiences. It does this through support of a yarning place (an electronic network) that encourages electronic yarning and networking among people working across Australia to address illicit drug use among Indigenous peoples.

Development of the Indigenous illicit drug use web resource

Development of this web resource and the associated yarning place has been made possible with funds provided to the HealthInfoNet by the Australian Department of Health and Ageing's Drug Strategy Branch.

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