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Hughes J (2012)

Body build, body composition and indicators of health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults.

: Menzies School of Health Research

Jones R (2012)

Fighting disease with fruit.

Paper presented at the OMOZ 2012. 2-4 May 2012, Fremantle, WA

Turner N (2012)

Many layers of the Many Rivers Diabetes Prevention Program...[ppt].

Paper presented at the Living longer stronger: AH&MRC chronic disease conference 2012. 19 June 2012, Sydney


Black A, Monaghan S (2011)

Impact of subsidised fruit and vegetables on the health and nutrition of Aboriginal children.

Paper presented at the Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health. 5-6 May 2011, Sydney

O'Dea K (2011)

The positive model of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Paper presented at the Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health. 5-6 May 2011, Sydney

Singh A (2011)

Diabetes WA Northam art-bush tucker project: engaging Aboriginal communities in diabetes prevention: transmission of Aboriginal knowlege's and practices.

Paper presented at the Aboriginal Health Conference: strong now, stronger future - changing in the right direction. 2-3 July 2011, Perth

Smith J, Syron L, Turner N, Gwynne J (2011)

Many Rivers Diabetes Prevention Project: governance, Aboriginal children's knowledge of diabetes, and their food and nutrient intake.

Paper presented at the Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health. 5-6 May 2011, Sydney


Black A, Vally H, Morris P, Jones R, Smith F, O'Dea K (2010)

Subsidised fruit and vegetables for Aboriginal families - health intervention or just a handout?.

Paper presented at the 2010 Primary Health Care Research Conference. 30 June - 2 July 2010, Darwin

Cassar N (2010)

Victorian Aboriginal nutrition & physical activity strategy.

Paper presented at the 'Go for your life' Physical Activity Forum. 28 May 2010, Melbourne

Comino E, Kemp L, Harris M, Harris E, Knight J (2010)

The Gudaga Study: contributing to reform of perinatal and early childhood services for Aboriginal infants and their families.

Paper presented at the 2010 PHC Research Conference: Primary health care research and health reform: Improving care. 30 June-2 July 2010, Darwin

Ey C (2010)

Footprints in Time: the longitudinal study of Indigenous children [ppt].

Paper presented at the NatStats 2010 Conference. 15-17 September, Sydney


Barnett R, Abreu C, Penberthy D (2009)

Mister germ hand washing hygiene and nutrition program.

Paper presented at the 7th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health Conference Kalgoorlie, WA. 12-15 May 2009, Kalgoorlie, WA

Dollman J (2009)

Kids eat, kids play: children's national nutrition and physical activity survey.

Paper presented at the 13th Annual NT Chronic Diseases Network Conference "Prevention is the Best Medicine". 10-11 September 2009, Darwin

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