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Communicable Diseases Intelligence (CDI)

Communicable Diseases Intelligence (CDI) is a quarterly publication of the Surveillance Section, Communicable Diseases and Biosecurity Branch, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. CDI aims to disseminate information on the epidemiology and control of communicable disease in Australia by providing current surveillance intelligence on communicable diseases in Australia accompanied by interpretation and expert commentary, publishing articles describing communicable disease surveillance and control and communicable disease epidemiology in Australia, and publishing significant strategic documents relevant to the surveillance and control of communicable disease in Australia.

Disease Watch

Disease Watch is the Western Australian Communicable Diseases Bulletin produced by the Communicable Disease Control Directorate. It provides information on current issues relating to the notification, treatment and prevention of infectious conditions for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Western Australia.

HIV Medicine

HIV Medicine is the official journal of the British HIV Association and the European AIDS Clinical Society. The journal is a peer reviewed publication that includes original articles, reviews, and guidelines on HIV treatment and diagnosis.

The readership of the journal includes clinicians and researchers who work in the field of HIV treatment. The journal content is comprehensive with published papers reporting on clinical, pharmacological, epidemiological, ethical, preclinical, and in vitro studies in HIV medicine. The frequency of publication is ten times a year.

International Journal of STD & AIDS

The International Journal of STD & AIDS is a peer reviewed journal that publishes contributions to the areas of sexually transmissible infections, HIV, and AIDS. Largely contributions to the journal focus on research, prevention, and the control of sexually transmissible infections and HIV/AIDS. Contributions accepted by the journal include editorial reviews, original articles and research, short papers, case reports, and audit reports. Additional features of the International Journal of STD & AIDS include a correspondence column, a book review section, and news from the genitourinary medicine associations.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health is a journal that publishes contributions to the sexual health field. Areas of particular focus include HIV/AIDS, sexually transmissible infections, sexuality issues, and reproductive health. The journal's intended audience includes those working in the seuxal health field such as clinicians and public health practitioners as well as behavioural, clincial, laboratory, public health, and social science researchers. The type of contributions published by Sexual Health include editorials, review articles, peer reviewed original research, topcial debates, and case reports.

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