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Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office (2011)

The impact of liquor restrictions in Halls Creek: quantitative data 24 month review.

Perth, WA: Drug and Alcohol Office


Drug and Alcohol Office (2010)

Halls Creek liquor restrictions interim report: June to August 2009.

Perth, WA: Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

Kinnane S, Golson K, Henderson-Yates L, Melbourne J (2010)

Halls Creek alcohol restriction report December 2010: an evaluation of the effects of alcohol restrictions in Halls Creek relating to measurable health and social outcomes, community perceptions and alcohol related behaviours after twelve months.

Perth, WA: Drug and Alcohol Office, Western Australia

Schineanu A, Velander F, Saggers S (2010)

Kalgoorlie alcohol action project intervention evaluation 2006-2009.

Perth, WA: National Drug Research Institute

Schineanu A, Velander F, Saggers S (2010)

"Don't wake up angry no more." The evaluation of the Norseman Voluntary Liquor Agreement.

Perth: National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology

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