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Clough AR, Fitts MS, Robertson J, Shakeshaft A, Miller A, Doran CM, Muller R, Ypinazar V, Martin D, McDermott R, Sanson-Fisher R, Towle S, Margolis SA, West C (2014)

Study protocol - alcohol management plans (AMPs) in remote Indigenous communities in Queensland: their impacts on injury, violence, health and social indicators and their cost-effectiveness.

BMC Public Health; 14: 15

Retrieved 9 January 2014 from


Fitts MS, Palk GR, Jacups SP (2013)

Alcohol restrictions and drink driving in remote Indigenous communities in Queensland, Australia.

Paper presented at the The 23rd Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference. 26-29 May 2013, Montreal

Performance and Evaluation Branch (2013)

Cape York welfare reform: evaluation 2012.

Canberra: Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

The Cape York welfare reform (CYWR) was established to address deteriorating social and economic conditions in Cape York Indigenous communities. It was trialled in the four communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge. The policy reform focused on initiatives in the areas of social responsibility, education, economic opportunity, and housing with the objectives of rebuilding social norms, re-establishing Indigenous authority, increased involvement in the real economy, and moving community members and their families away from social housing into their own homes. This report is the final evaluation of the CYWR. The framework for the evaluation included the following questions:

  • was the trial implemented as agreed
  • did social norms and behaviours change as intended
  • has governance and service delivery supported these intended changes.

This report describes how the reforms were implemented, the timelines, what was not implemented, and the impact of the CYWR on the communities participating in the trial.

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