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Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health is the Journal of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and is published six times a year The journal disseminates public health research and ideas throughout Australia and internationally. The content of the journal largely consists of finished discussions of research projects however, there is occasionally space for reviews, views and historical pieces.

The PHAA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information on public health. The association is also involved in advocacy for public health policy, development, research and training.

Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

The Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin is the electronic journal of the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. The purpose of the Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin is to facilitate access to information of relevance to Australian Indigenous health. The HealthBulletin attempts to keep people informed of current events of relevance, as well as information about recent research.

Australian Journal of Rural Health

The Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH) is a multidisciplinary refereed journal published on behalf of the National Rural Health Alliance in hardcopy and online. AJRH provides research information, policy articles and reflections related to health care in rural and remote areas of Australia, and is an important publication vehicle for researchers and practitioners. Close involvement of key rural health stakeholders attests to the multi-disciplinary nature of AJRH and its primary purpose: to support and promote interdisciplinary health networks, and to help practitioners and researchers influence policies and programs to improve the health of people living and working in rural and remote areas.

Australian Orthoptic Journal

The Australian Orthoptic Journal is the official biannual journal of the Orthoptics Australia (previously Orthoptic Association of Australia). The journal features papers in key areas of orthoptic clinical practice - strabismus, amblyopia, ocular motility and binocular vision anomalies; low vision and rehabilitation; paediatric ophthalmology; neuro-ophthalmology including nystagmus; ophthalmic technology and biometry; and public health agenda.

Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology

Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology is the official Journal of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. The Journal draws from a solid base of pro-active, innovative and respected researchers and clinicians to publish peer reviewed, original research articles and case reports that are international in scope and application. The journal was formerly known as the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology.

Clinical and Experimental Optometry

Clinical and Experimental Optometry is the official journal of Optometrists Association Australia, the New Zealand Association of Optometrists, and the Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists. It is peer reviewed, publishing original research papers and reviews in clinical optometry and vision science. The journal encourages debate and discussion of controversial scientific and clinical issues and letters to the Editor and short communications expressing points of view on matters within the journal's areas of interest. It is published six times annually.

Community Eye Health Journal

The Community Eye Health Journal aims to ensure that up-to-date and relevant information reaches eye care workers of all levels in low income countries in plain language that can easily be adapted for training. It addresses the elimination of avoidable blindness and focuses on countries where the burden of preventable blindness is greatest.

Articles combine clinical issues with public health approaches which include research, planning and management, appropriate technology, training, and advocacy. Attention is also paid to programmes for people who are blind or living with low vision. The journal is published online quarterly.

Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin

The Northern Territory (NT) Disease Control Bulletin is produced by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Darwin, on a quarterly basis.

The CDC provides a range of services to monitor, control, prevent, and in some instances, eliminate communicable and non communicable diseases throughout the NT. The Bulletin forms part of this service, as it provides professional and community education about critical parts of successful program outcomes.

Ophthalmic Epidemiology

Ophthalmic Epidemiology publishes editorials, scientific articles, review articles, news notes, scientific notes, letter and book reviews on all subjects and topics related to ophthalmic epidemiology, public health and the prevention of blindness. Ophthalmic Epidemiology has been the recipient of excellent epidemiologic articles from all over the world on a broad variety and range of topics.

Rural and Remote Health

Rural and Remote Health (International Electronic Journal of Rural and Remote Health Research, Education, Practice and Policy) is a not-for-profit, electronic, peer reviewed academic publication. It aims to further rural and remote health education, research and practice. The primary purpose of Rural and Remote Health is to publish and so provide an international knowledge base of the peer reviewed material of rural health practitioners (medical, nursing and allied health professionals and health workers), educators, researchers and policy makers. The Journal is managed by the Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN).

Trachoma Surveillance Report

The Trachoma surveillance annual reports are the reported data for regions identified as potentially experiencing endemic trachoma in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia for 2006 to 2012. Aboriginal children aged 1 to 9 years were examined for active trachoma using the World Health Organization simplified trachoma grading system.

The reports are produced by the National Trachoma Surveillance and Reporting Unit (NTSRU).

Vision News

Vision News is the newsletter published by the Centre for Eye Research Australia. The centre's mission is to eliminate the major eye diseases that cause vision loss and blindness and reduce their impact in the community. Published twice a year, Vision News features research breakthroughs, the people behind the research and people who are benefiting from the work.

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