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ACON Aboriginal Project team (2015)

Ngalawi Djardi ('Sit and Yarn'): strengthening connections and sharing knowledge – the history of ACON's health retreat for Aboriginal people Living with HIV.

HIV Australia; 13(3): 31-32


Graham S (2014)

Sexually transmitted infections/bloodborne viruses in Aboriginal people; understanding the burden of disease and evaluating interventions.

Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of New South Wales: Sydney


Graham S, Guy RJ, Cowie B, Wand HC, Donovan B, Akre SP, Ward JS (2013)

Chronic hepatitis B prevalence among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians since universal vaccination: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

BMC Infectious Diseases; 13: 403

Retrieved 31 August 2013 from


Aratchige PE, Markey P, Webby R, Krause V (2012)

Hepatitis B in the Northern Territory – an analysis of hepatitis B notifications.

Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin; 19(2): 1-12


Garland SM, Brotherton JM, Condon JR, McIntyre PB, Stevens MP, Smith DW, Tabrizi SN, Whinurs WS (2011)

Human papillomavirus prevalence amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian women prior to a national HPV vaccination program.

BMC Medicine; 9: 104

Retrieved from

Heffernan ME (2011)

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines: the attitudes and intentions of Australian health providers and parents from three diverse cultural groups toward HPV vaccination of pre-adolescent children.

Doctor of Philosophy thesis, The University of Melbourne: Melbourne


Australian Department of Health and Ageing (2010)

Second national sexually transmissible infections strategy 2010 - 2013.

Canberra: Department of Health and Ageing, Australia

Dent E, Selvey CE, Bell A, Davis J, McDonald MI (2010)

Incomplete protection against hepatitis B among remote Aboriginal adolescents despite full vaccination in infancy.

Communicable Diseases Intelligence; 34(4): 435-439

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