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The programs, projects and lessons learned have been rated to the left. The items are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach, focus, start date and end date.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
'No more runny ears and mop-up' - evaluation of a comprehensive case management support program for prevention of hearing loss associated with otitis media with perforation in Indigenous children 0 to 5 years of age (a randomised controlled trial). NT
A longitudinal study of influences on alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia, with a particular emphasis on the role of price NT
A prospective study of substance misuse and of a community-driven preventative measures in remote Aboriginal communities NT
A randomised controlled trial of alternative treatments to intramuscular penicillin for impetigo in Aboriginal children NT
A structured systems approach to improving health promotion practice for chronic disease prevention in Indigenous communities NT
A vulvar cancer cluster in young Indigenous women in Arnhem Land: investigation of community knowledge, genetic susceptibility and supportive care response NT
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health program National
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Outreach Workers National
Aboriginal Health Worker Awards NT
Aboriginal mental health worker program 'working both ways' NT
Aboriginal wetland burning in Kakadu NT
Accreditiation support for registered training organisations National
Accurate assessment of renal function and progression of chronic kidney disease in Indigenous Australians (eGFR study) National
Aged and disability care program NT
Airway bacteriology of children with bronchiectasis NT
Alcohol and other drugs - adults (CatholicCare NT) NT
Alcohol and other drugs - youth (DAISY) NT
Alcohol and other drugs Indigenous communities project NT
Alcohol court NT
Alice Springs transformation plan NT
Alpurrurulam skateboard program NT
Amp akweke place NT
Ampilatwatja sport 'n' rec program NT
AMSANT AOD and mental health program support NT
Angkwerre-iweme (traditional healing) project NT
Animal management worker program NT
Anyinginyi eye health program NT
Anyinginyi Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder project NT
Aranda house NT
Army Aboriginal community assistance program National
Asthma and smoking prevention project NT
Asthma child and adolescent program (ACAP) National
Australian feral camel management project National
Australian Football League Central Australian responsible alcohol strategy NT
Australian Indigenous water roundtable National
Australian integrated mental health initiative - NT (AIMHi-NT) NT
Australian nurse-family partnership program National
Azithromycin versus placebo in the treatment of asymptomatic acute otitis media in young Aboriginal children NT
Back to culture NT
Balunu Foundation cultural healing program NT
Banatjarl bush medicine bush tucker garden NT
Banyan House services NT
Barkly Shire Council animal health program NT
Be a friend to your dog project NT
Bessie (Darrangul) Martin training centre program NT
Best practice guidelines for evaluation of Indigenous residential alcohol and drug programs NT
Best practice in early intervention, assessment and treatment of depression and substance misuse (BEAT project) NT
Best practice models for effective consultation towards improving built environment outcomes for remote Indigenous communities SA, WA
Beswick 'Youth at risk strategy' NT
Better outcomes for lung disease (BOLD) NT
Bosom buddies Alice Springs NT
BRADAAG residential rehabilitation programs NT
BreastScreen Australia program National
BreastScreenNT mobile 4WD NT
Bremer Island coffee bush removal project NT
Bringing them home National
Bronchiolitis severity scoring tools study NT
Buffalo control in the Top End NT
Building healthy communities National
Burden of influenza and other respiratory viruses among Aboriginal children in the top end NT
Burning for biodiversity project NT, QLD, WA
Bush mobile program NT
BushMob bush adventure therapy program NT
BushMob residential service NT
CAAAPU alcohol and other drug programs NT
Cannabis: it's not our culture NSW, NT, QLD, VIC
Capturing Indigenous knowledge in northern Australia NT, WA
Carbon economies in remote Australia NT, QLD, WA
Carbon project NT, WA
Cardiac education services NT
Care planning training trial NT
Caring for our country: working on country National
Central Australia and Barkly integrated eye health strategy NT
Central Australia renal study National
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress regional eye health program NT
Central Australian rheumatic heart disease program NT
Central Australian secondary prevention of acute coronary syndromes study (CASPA) NT
Central Australian youth link up service (CAYLUS) NT
Central Desert night patrol NT
Check my risk campaign National
Childhood healthy weight project NT
Children and family centres (Indigenous early childhood development) National
Closing the gap clearinghouse National
Closing the gap on Indigenous birth registrations: quantifying Indigenous exclusion National
Cognitive response to thiamine replacement therapy in alcohol affected patients in Alice Springs NT
Community outreach program NT
Community water planner field guide project National
CommunityMatters National
Congress community health education program (CCHEP) NT
Continence education in remote Australia project (CERAP) for Indigenous Health Workers National
Cooking healthy and physical activity project (CHAPA) NT
Cough assessment study NT
Crunch&Sip National
Danila Dilba eye health program NT
Danila Dilba kidney health program NT
Deadly treadlies NT
Deadly vibe magazine National
Depression screening tool - PHQ-9 NT
Desert dogs NT
Development of a protocol for the development and delivery of road safety programs in Indigenous communities National
Development of the stay strong iPad app NT
Dhimurru fire and biodiversity monitoring project NT
Diabetes educator program NT
Disability operations and brokerage NT
Dolly Garinyi hostel NT
DriveSafe NT remote NT
Drum atweme NT
Early childhood families and schools together (FAST) program NT
East Arnhem community night patrol and sobering-up services NT
East Arnhem scabies control program NT
East Arnhem Shire Council animal welfare program NT
EduGrow school garden awards NT
Elders visiting program NT
Elective surgery waitlist (ESWL) resources project NT
Elite Indigenous travel and accommodation assistance program (EITAAP) National
Engaging Tiwi Islanders in climate change science NT
Evaluating an innovative alcohol permit system introduced by a cluster of remote Aboriginal communities NT
Evaluating the genetic contribution to rheumatic heart disease pathogenesis in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities NT
Examining a core assumption of policy and services for older Indigenous Australians National
Family coping-mental wellbeing NT
Family nutrition project NT
Family Violence Partnership Program (FVPP) National
Family violence prevention legal service program National
Family Violence Regional Activities Program (FVRAP) National
Feasibility study on increasing the consumption of nutritionally-rich leafy vegetables by Indigenous communities in Samoa, Solomon Islands and Northern Australia NT, QLD
Feral cat management on Indigenous lands project NT
Fish River fire project NT
Fixing houses for better health projects National
Food, Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge and the Expansion of the Settler Economy National
Foundation of Rehabilitation with Aboriginal Alcohol Related Difficulties (FORWAARD) NT
Fox control at Sangsters Bore NT
Frail aged and disabled (FAAD) NT
From little things, good teeth grow NT
Future change in ancient worlds: Indigenous adaptation in northern Australia NT, QLD, WA
Genetic studies investigating the cause of the Tiwi Islanders renal disease NT
Gestational diabetes group NT
Getting every child's heart OK (gECHO) study WA
Getting started group NT
GhostNets Australia program NT, QLD, WA
Go for 2 & 5 National
Go for 2 & 5 Northern Territory NT
Good medicines better health National
Good sports program NT
Good start breakfast club National
Grass roots solutions NT
Groote Eylandt liquor management NT
Groote palliative care support service NT
Growth assessment and action (GAA) data collection program NT
Gudbinji chronic disease program NT
Gunbalanya family safety program NT
Hamilton Downs youth camp NT
Handwashing campaign NT
Healing pathways project NT
Health eTowns National
Health Interactive technology National
Healthy active ambassadors program National
Healthy active Australia community and schools grants program National
Healthy country, healthy people: supporting Indigenous engagement in the sustainable management of Northern Territory land and seas NT
Healthy dogs, healthy communities: evaluating the impact of new interdiscplinary interventions to enhance dog health and welfare in remote Indigenous communities National
Healthy families NT
Healthy for life National
Healthy heart and lungs NT
Healthy heart program NT
Healthy living NT
Healthy skin & rheumatic heart disease NT
Healthy stories National
Healthy under 5 kids program NT
Healthy weight program (NT) NT
Hearing advisory teachers NT
Heart of the heart NT
Hib immunise Australia program National
Holding our tongues National
Home and community care (HACC) program National
Housing improvement and child health (HICH) - extension NT
I-tracker project NT, QLD, WA
Identifying a unique inflammatory signature in Acute Rheumatic Fever - a pilot study NT
Identifying a unique inflammatory signature in acute rheumatic fever - a pilot study NT
Identifying pedagogical factors enabling success in elite level team sport for Indigenous Australians: Lessons for closing the gap National
Immune function in children with bronchiectasis NT
Immunise Australia program National
Impact of a price discount on food spending and cardiovascular health in remote Aboriginal Australia NT
Implications of nonencapsulated Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage for maintenance of antibiotic resistance genes and the efficacy of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (Prenevar) for pneumococcal disease. (SPINICA) NT
Improving care for people with advance chronic kidney disease: the I'm OK project NT
Improving hygiene and children's health in remote Indigenous communities NT
Improving the capacity of workers in Indigenous communities National
Improving the culture of hospitals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people National
Improving the delivery of secondary prophylaxis for Rheumatic Heart Disease - a stepped-wedge, community-randomised trial NT
Improving the health of our mob through research National
Improving the management and outcomes for infants hospitalised with bronchiolitis NT
Independent living program NT
Indigenous adolescent sexuality education project NT
Indigenous advancement strategy (IAS) National
Indigenous alcohol and other drug workers' wellbeing, stress and burnout project National
Indigenous Australian Government development program (IAGDP) National
Indigenous children's program NT
Indigenous dementia resources project NT
Indigenous employment program (IEP) National
Indigenous family violence offender program (IFVOP) NT
Indigenous housing and governance: lessons from case studies of remote communities in WA and NT NT, WA
Indigenous leadership program National
Indigenous legal needs project NT, QLD, VIC, WA
Indigenous natural resource management and livelihoods NT, QLD
Indigenous people with dementia National
Indigenous resiliency project National
Indigenous road safety program NT
Indigenous safe systems demonstration project 2010 National, WA
Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows NT, WA
Indigenous throughcare project NT
Indigenous tobacco control initiative National
Indigenous water planning forum National
Indigenous youth healing program NT
Indigenous youth skills life development NT
Infant feeding guidelines NT
Intensive support tenancy enabling program (ISTEP) NT
Investigating cross-cultural responses to the introduction of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine National
Investigating health and survival outcomes and opportunities for prevention after medically serious suicide attempts in the Northern Territory: a follow-up study of Indigenous suicide attempts and care in the Northern Territory NT
Iti japu 'little baby' program NT
Jaru pirrjirdi (strong voices) program NT
Journey beyond road trauma website National
Kakadu 100 quit club NT
Katherine renal dialysis unit NT
KidsMatter National
Knowledge = power and Respect yourself camps project NT
Kulintja Palyaringkuntjaku project NT, SA, WA
KWHB Alcohol and other drugs program NT
Lajamanu healthy takeaway NT
Learn earn legend! National
Learning from the past, adapting in the future: identifying pathways to successful adaptation in Indigenous communities NT, WA
Let's start: parent-child program NT
Life promotions program NT
Life skills program NT
Lifescripts: advice for healthy living National
Link-up National
Litter reduction pilot program East Arnhem NT
Living change: adaptive housing responses to climate change in the town camps of Alice Springs NT
Looking into influenza T cell immunity NT
MacDonnell Shire Council community and agency services NT
Managing feral cats on the Pellew Islands NT
Managing threats to floodplain biodiversity and Indigenous values NT
Mangarri Palya community cooking and nutrition project NT
Maningrida child safety service NT
Maningrida smoke-busters NT
Manymak energy efficiency project NT
Marumali program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates National
Maternal and neonatal outcomes of maternal pituri use National
Maternity Immunisation Allowance National
Matharkal homelands resource centre, Mapuru food cooperative NT
Mathematical modeling of bacterial carriage in children (MMAPS) NT
Men, hearts and minds NT
Mensheds Australia National
Mental health first aid guidelines project National
Mental health first aid training and research program National
Mental health training for workers in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities National
Milingimbi tobacco project NT
Milingimbi water management NT
Mindframe national media initiative National
Mobile assessment unit NT
Monitoring and evaluating Aboriginal tobacco control NT
Monitoring warru in the Mann Ranges NT, SA
Mt Theo outstation NT
Mt Theo program NT
NAILSMA Indigenous fire management project NT, QLD, WA
National Aboriginal and Islander children's day (4 August annually) National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and maternal health exemplar site initiative National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health program National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan 2000-2010 (NATSINSAP) National
National bowel cancer screening program National
National building program (formerly AusLink) National
National cervical screening program National
National child nutrition projects National
National children's diet and physical activity survey National
National diabetes services scheme (NDSS) National
National disability advocacy program (NDAP) National
National Health and Medical Research Council Indigenous palliative care program NT
National Indigenous palliative care project National
National risk assessment - water services in remote Indigenous communities National
Neurocognitive and social changes associated with unleaded petrol sniffing and abstinence from further sniffing NT
New era in corrections NT
Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women's Council (NPYWC) youth program NT, SA, WA
Ngaripirliga'ajirri early intervention program NT
Ngurra Ninti: clever for housing, healthy house living skills project NT
No safe amount - the effects of alcohol in pregnancy National
Northeast Arnhem Land regional ear health campaign NT
Northern Territory 'Championship moves' and 'Grog running' awareness campaigns NT
Northern Territory Aboriginal environmental health program NT
Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC) needle and syringe program NT
Northern Territory Australian better health initiative (ABHI) primary care integration project NT
Northern Territory early intervention pilot program NT
Northern Territory Government Hearing Service NT
Northern Territory Market basket survey NT
Northern Territory medicare local immunisation program NT
Northern Territory renal access program NT
Northern Territory sobering up shelter service NT
Northern Territory Transport Group community visits NT
Now hear trial project NT
NT Indigenous dementia project NT
NT rheumatic heart disease program NT
Nutrition and physical activity program NT
Nyirranggulung nutrition project NT
Our lives project NT
Outreach Support and Transitional Housing for Itinerant Women, Catherine Booth House NT
Palliative care for renal clients living in remote settings project NT
People on country, healthy landscapes and Indigenous economic futures NT
Personal helpers and mentors (PHaMs) program National
Piliyintinji-ki stronger families NT
Pilot project for community engagement in water conservation at Ali Curung NT
Pneumonia in Indigenous children territory-wide using radiological endpoints NT
Predicting heart disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people NT
Prickly acacia eradication on Moolooloo NT
Protracted bacterial bronchitis: long term outcomes and predictors of recurrence NT, QLD, SA, VIC
Purple truck project NT, WA
Quality improvement program planning system (QIPPS) International
Quality of life and palliative care for clients in remote communities in the Northern Territory NT
Raypirri rom wellbeing program NT
Relapse prevention trial NT
Remote and Aboriginal respite NT
Remote and Indigenous communities clean up program National
Remote and rural mentoring program NT, QLD, SA
Remote areas driver education and training NT
Remote Indigenous Gardens Network project National
Remote Indigenous stores and takeaways project National
Remote meals on wheels training package NT
Renal primary health program NT
Research and management to reverse decline of native mammal fauna NT, QLD, WA
Responding Early Assisting Children (REACh) National
Return to country NT
Rheumatic fever follow-up study (RhFFUS) National
Road safety song competition NT
Safe and sober support service NT
Saltwater burning on the Crocodile Islands NT
Saltwater people network project NT, QLD, WA
School Nutrition Program NT
Screening and treatment of alcohol related trauma (START) brief interventions trial NT
Selective use of long-term antibiotics for chronic lung obstructive disease in Aboriginal adults NT
Sharing the true stories project NT
Skin pathogens NT
Social and emotional wellbeing regional centres National
Social support malpas NT
Solar energy transformation program (Solar SETuP) NT
Specky dreaming footy frenzy program National
Sports ability National
Story telling project NT
Strategic Indigenous housing and infrastructure program (now incorporated under the National partnership agreement on remote Indigenous housing) NT
Strong choices NT
Strong literacy and numeracy in communities NT
Strong teeth for little kids: a community-randomised controlled trial of fluoride varnish application to children's teeth and health promotion to prevent dental decay in Aboriginal pre-school children NT
Strong women, strong babies, strong culture NT
StrongBala men's health program NT
Stronger communities for children NT
Stronger futures in the Northern Territory NT
Substance abuse intelligence desks (SAIDs) NT, SA, WA
Substance misuse assessment and referral for treatment (SMART) court NT
Suicide story training project NT
Sunrise health service nutrition program NT
Sunrise Health Service physical activity program NT
Support of Tangentyere Council research hub project NT
Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) National
Supporting women in rural areas diagnosed with breast cancer program National
Sustainable garden project NT
Tackling waste in bush communities NT
Talking about raising Aboriginal kids (TRAX) study NT
Tangentyere Council environmental health program NT
Technology transfer officer dealing with water quality and treatment in Indigenous communities National
Ten deserts NSW, NT, QLD, SA, WA
Tennant Creek Primary School – Healthy food happy kids NT
Tennant Creek sobering up shelter NT
Terrestrial biodiversity monitoring project NT
Territory care NT
Territory Independence and Mobility Equipment (TIME) Scheme NT
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay, sistergirl and transgender HIV/AIDS sexual health project National
The ConocoPhillips asthma swim program NT
The Darwin prospective melioidosis study NT
The development of culturally-appropriate cognitive assessments with applications in substance abuse and mental health with Indigenous clients NT
The DRUID follow up survey: diabetes and related disorders in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin region NT
The good sports Central Australian pilot project NT
The Ministerial Council for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Indigenous population project National
The purple house NT
The purple wall project NT
The RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Project: supporting GPs to improve early detection and management of breast and cervical cancer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women National
The relationship of body composition, renal impairment and inflammatory cytokines in Indigenous people with diabetes NT
The role of cultural factors in the sentencing of Indigenous sex offenders in the Northern Territory NT
The Violence Intervention Program NT
The wellbeing project NT
Therapeutic residential wilderness NT
Thumbs up! Schools program NT
Tiwi carbon study: managing fire for greenhouse gas abatement NT
Tiwi Islands youth development and diversion unit NT
Tiwi mental health service NT
Tiwi pakajura primary prevention program NT
Tomorrow people National
Tooth mob dental volunteer program NT, WA
Tooty fruity vegie project National
Top end drug and alcohol services NT
Top End tobacco project NT
Town camp chronic disease project NT
Train the trainer: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers National
Transitional aftercare and outreach program NT
Tri-state STI/HIV project National
Troopy respite program NT
Tropical rivers and coastal knowledge (TRaCK) project NT, QLD, WA
Umbakumba aged care program NT
Uncle-Nephew Program National
Understanding how the use of intertidal marine resources by Indigenous women in the Northern Territory will be affected by climate change and their preferred adaptation options NT
Update of prevalence, incidence and health economic data relating to chronic kidney disease in the Central Australian Region NT, SA, WA
Urlampe septic tank project NT
Utopia program ACT
Venndale rehabilitation and withdrawal centre NT
Vibe3on3 National
Viral interactions and AOM bacterial load: a longitudinal evaluation (VIABLE) NT
Volatile substance abuse program NT
Walking program National
Waltja early childhood and nutrition projects NT
Waltja's APY Mother's and Children's program NT
Warra-Warra Kanyi counselling and mentoring NT
Waste management training program for Indigenous shire workers NT
Water and wastewater services in remote (including Indigenous) communities National
Water resource management program NT
We know our strengths NT
Well Baby Clinic NT
Well women's cancer screening program NT
Wellbeing program NT
West Arnhem land fire abatement project NT
Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation mobile renal dialysis unit project NT
Willora diabetes self management project NT
Women's development project NT
Wugularr youth petrol sniffing prevention program NT
Wurli Wurlinjang child and maternal/women's health program NT
Wurli-Wurlinjang alcohol and other drug unit NT
Wurli-Wurlinjang heart day program NT
Wurli-Wurlinjang wellbeing unit NT
Yard proud in Engawala NT
Yirrkala active cooking NT
Yolŋu radio NT
Young people in residential aged care NT
Younger people with disability in residential aged care National
Your life, your culture, you choose National
Youth in communities program NT
Yuendumu mediation and justice committee NT
Yuendumu old peoples program NT
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