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Our core funding only enables us to address Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health nationally, and does not allow us to comprehensively consolidate this information at state, territory or regional level. Information relating to Indigenous health in South Australia has been collected as a part of our national focus.

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The programs, projects and lessons learned have been rated to the left. The items are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach, focus, start date and end date.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
'Close the gap' Aboriginal sexual health program SA
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community foodies SA
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health program National
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Outreach Workers National
Aboriginal community connect SA
Aboriginal connection program SA
Aboriginal culture and identity program SA
Aboriginal dental program SA
Aboriginal Diabetes Study SA
Aboriginal family intervention project SA
Aboriginal kinship program (Grannies group) SA
Aboriginal learning on country program SA
Aboriginal liaison project SA
Aboriginal male health and well-being consultation project SA
Aboriginal people travelling well SA
Aboriginal power cup SA
Aboriginal Prisoners and Offenders Support Services SA
Aboriginal road safety - a health lens project SA
Aboriginal sobriety group SA
Aboriginal studies trail SA
Aboriginal youth mental health partnership SA
Abuse prevention program (APP) SA
Accreditiation support for registered training organisations National
An evaluation of the benefits of swimming pools for the hearing and ear health status of young Indigenous Australians: a whole-of-population study across multiple remote Indigenous communities SA
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands (APY Lands) substance misuse service SA
Arabana climate change adaptation project SA
Assistance with care and housing for the aged (ACHA) program SA
Asthma child and adolescent program (ACAP) National
Australian feral camel management project National
Australian Indigenous water roundtable National
Barbeque SA
Best practice models for effective consultation towards improving built environment outcomes for remote Indigenous communities SA, WA
Better medication management for Aboriginal people with mental health disorders and their carers SA
Binnanendi SA
Breaking the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse in Indigenous communities QLD, SA, WA
BreastScreen Australia program National
Bringing them home National
Cancer data and Aboriginal disparities (CanDAD) SA
Care coordination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders SA
Central Australia renal study National
Check my risk campaign National
Child health nutrition education and support program SA
Children and family centres (Indigenous early childhood development) National
Clean needle program SA
Clinical management of Aboriginal people with co-existing diabetes and alcohol-related health problems SA
Closing the gap clearinghouse National
Community reintegration program SA
Community water planner field guide project National
CommunityMatters National
Comorbidity action in the north (CAN) project SA
Continence education in remote Australia project (CERAP) for Indigenous Health Workers National
Coordinated Aboriginal mental healthcare: a model for best practice for rural and metropolitan service SA
Coorong good food program SA
Country Health SA - Experts by experience register SA
CREATE healthy eating in schools SA
Crunch&Sip National
Cyril Lindsay House program SA
Deadly vibe magazine National
Demand management community education program SA
Development of a protocol for the development and delivery of road safety programs in Indigenous communities National
Diabetes care project - DCP QLD, SA, VIC
Diabetes service SA
Do it for life SA
Don't let your dreams go up in smokes SA
Drug and alcohol program (Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation) SA
Drug substitution options and support (SOS) SA
Dunjiba SA
Eat well outback South Australia project SA
Elite Indigenous travel and accommodation assistance program (EITAAP) National
Employment of Aboriginal Health Workers/Liaison Officers National
Equity of bowel cancer screening: An epidemiological and qualitative study SA
Examining a core assumption of policy and services for older Indigenous Australians National
Family and community healing program SA
Family support service - Umoona Tjutagku Health Service SA
Family Violence Partnership Program (FVPP) National
Family violence prevention legal service program National
Family Violence Regional Activities Program (FVRAP) National
Fixing houses for better health projects (Housing for health) National
Food in rural South Australia survey SA
Food, Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge and the Expansion of the Settler Economy National
Footsteps SA
Give up smokes for good SA
Go for 2 & 5 National
Good medicines better health National
Good start breakfast club National
Harm minimisation (Nunkuwarrin Yunti) SA
Healthier babies and preschoolers through child care services SA
Healthy active ambassadors program National
Healthy active Australia community and schools grants program National
Healthy dogs, healthy communities: evaluating the impact of new interdiscplinary interventions to enhance dog health and welfare in remote Indigenous communities National
Healthy for life National
Healthy liver program SA
Healthy living program SA
Healthy stories National
Healthy ways project SA
Help me stay strong SA
Hepatitis C awareness workshop SA
Hib immunise Australia program National
Holding our tongues National
Home and community care (HACC) program National
Hoops 4 health NT
Identifying pedagogical factors enabling success in elite level team sport for Indigenous Australians: Lessons for closing the gap National
Immunise Australia program National
Improving food supply for remote towns and Aboriginal communities SA
Improving the capacity of workers in Indigenous communities National
Improving the culture of hospitals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people National
Improving the health of our mob through research National
Improving the patient journey for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with heart disease NT, SA
Indigenous advancement strategy (IAS) National
Indigenous alcohol and other drug workers' wellbeing, stress and burnout project National
Indigenous Australian Government development program (IAGDP) National
Indigenous diabetic foot program QLD
Indigenous employment program (IEP) National
Indigenous health services e - learning program National
Indigenous leadership program National
Indigenous people with dementia National
Indigenous Professional Support Unit National
Indigenous ranger cadetship SA
Indigenous resiliency project National
Indigenous safe systems demonstration project 2010 National, WA
Indigenous youth justice SA
Investigating cross-cultural responses to the introduction of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine National
Irrunytju healthy take-away SA
Journey beyond road trauma website National
Julian Burton Burns Trust: Aboriginal strategy SA
Karpandi elder women's program SA
KidsMatter National
Kinship program SA
Kuka Kanyini project SA
Kulintja Palyaringkuntjaku project NT, SA, WA
Kumangka drug and alcohol diversion service (IDDI) SA
Lakalinjeri Tumbetin Waal Frahns farm SA
Lakeview accommodation centre SA
Learn earn legend! National
Lifescripts: advice for healthy living National
Link-up National
Mai Wiru foodcard SA
Mai Wiru regional stores policy SA
Makin' tracks SA
Making changes SA
Marumali program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander within correctional facilities National
Maternal health tackling smoking program SA
Maternity Immunisation Allowance National
Mensheds Australia National
Mental health and culture project QLD, SA, VIC, WA
Mental health first aid guidelines project National
Mental health first aid training and research program National
Mental health in remote Indigenous communities SA
Mental health training for workers in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities National
Mindframe national media initiative National
Mobile assistance patrol (MAP) SA
Mobile assistance patrol (Port Augusta Substance Misuse Services) SA
Monitoring warru in the Mann Ranges NT, SA
Moving across the frontline: young Aboriginal people and hepatitis C SA
My moola opening financial pathways program National
National Aboriginal and Islander children's day (4 August annually) National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and maternal health exemplar site initiative National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health program National
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan 2000-2010 (NATSINSAP) National
National bowel cancer screening program National
National building program (formerly AusLink) National
National cervical screening program National
National child nutrition projects National
National children's diet and physical activity survey National
National diabetes services scheme (NDSS) National
National disability advocacy program (NDAP) National
National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) programme National
National Indigenous palliative care project National
Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women's Council (NPYWC) youth program NT, SA, WA
Nganampa Health Council Child and maternal health program SA
No pulgi mobile health team program SA
Northern and far western suicide prevention project SA
NPY child nutrition and wellbeing program NT, SA, WA
Nunga users HIV/HCV intervention team (NUHIT) SA
Nutrition and food security in remote South Australian Aboriginal communities project SA
On the right track SA
Opening doors SA
Operation desert stormwater harvesting SA
Operation Flinders SA
Our lives project NT
Panyappi program SA
Personal helpers and mentors (PHaMs) program National
Police drug diversion liaison program SA
Port Augusta substance misuse services SA
Protracted bacterial bronchitis: long term outcomes and predictors of recurrence NT, QLD, SA, VIC
Puyu blaster (Keep it corka) SA
Quality assurance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical services program (QAAMS) National, SA
Quality improvement program planning system (QIPPS) International
RAISE wellbeing SA
Regional waste management priorities and implementation plan (RWMP&IP) SA
Remote and rural mentoring program NT, QLD, SA
Remote Indigenous Gardens Network project National
Remote Indigenous stores and takeaways project National
Responding Early Assisting Children (REACh) National
Reunion to self SA
Rewrite your story SA
Riverland young Indigenous men suicide prevention project SA
Road safety education in remote South Australian Indigenous communities SA
Rural Aboriginal Health Worker program SA
Safe pathways progam SA
Seasons for healing Not specified
Sexual behaviour clinic (SBC) SA
Sexual health program SA
Shared bereavement care in the west SA
Sobering-up shelter (Ceduna/Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service) SA
Social and emotional wellbeing regional centres National
Sports ability National
Stepping stones AOD day centre SA
Stepping Stones AOD day centre Ceduna SA
Stickin' it up the smokes SA
Street youth service SA
Streetlink youth health service SA
Strengthening dementia care in Indigenous communities SA
Strong men, strong families project SA
Substance abuse intelligence desks (SAIDs) NT, SA, WA
Substance misuse program (Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service) SA
Substance misuse support service SA
Substance use program (Tullawon Health Service) SA
Substance use recovery program SA
Suicide prevention in country SA (SPICSA) initiative SA
Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) National
Supporting women in rural areas diagnosed with breast cancer program National
Sustainable personal development for Aboriginal men SA
Tackling smoking SA
Technology transfer officer dealing with water quality and treatment in Indigenous communities National
Ten deserts NSW, NT, QLD, SA, WA
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay, sistergirl and transgender HIV/AIDS sexual health project National
The Ministerial Council for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Indigenous population project National
The RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Project: supporting GPs to improve early detection and management of breast and cervical cancer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women National
The Sugarman SA
Tobacco cessation (Pangula Mannamurna Inc) SA
Tomorrow people National
Tooty fruity vegie project National
Towilla purruttiappendi (healing our spirit) SA
Train the trainer: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers National
Transport project SA
Tri-state STI/HIV project National
Umoona kidney project SA
Uncle-Nephew Program National
Update of prevalence, incidence and health economic data relating to chronic kidney disease in the Central Australian Region NT, SA, WA
Using rapid assessment procedures to investigate the impact of injecting drug use amongst Indigenous Australians in metropolitan Adelaide SA
Vibe3on3 National
Violence prevention program (VPP) SA
Wakefield region suicide prevention project SA
Walking program National
Wiltanendi ... becoming stronger SA
Women's healing group SA
Working on country program National
Yarnin' the blues: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander depression awareness project SA
Yarning on - Aboriginal sexual health program SA
Young Nungas yarning together SA
Younger people with disability in residential aged care National
Your life, your culture, you choose National
Youth support program SA
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